Automated Mirroring and Clustering

Screenshot PoINT Jukebox Manager

Thanks to the integrated mirroring functionality, PoINT Jukebox Manager is able to write data on two different media that can even be located in different jukeboxes. Even if a jukebox should break down, it is ensured that the archiving process can be continued smoothly.

As an alternative to mirroring, copies of the finalized media, which can even be stored offline (e.g. in a safe), can be produced. Two PoINT Jukebox Manager servers can run in a clustered configuration, which allows an automated failover if one server is no longer available.

To ensure data availability over decades, PoINT Jukebox Manager checks the data integrity on manual trigger or automatically in definable intervals. The administrator receives a report and is thus in a position to take the necessary safety measures in time.

Mirroring and Clustering are optionally available.