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File System and Data Migration

Due to exponential data growth and rapid technology changes data migration cannot be avoided. Companies are consistently faced with the challenge to migrate data, e.g. if stored on primary storage. Such Primary Storage Migration should be carried out without any business interruption and in an automated manner.

Graphic automated and transparent file system migration

PoINT Storage Manager offers this functionality and performs an automated migration of data from file servers and NAS systems to new storage systems. There are two different scenarios: Archive Storage Migration and Primary Storage Migration.

With Archive Storage Migration data stored in existing archive storage devices is transferred to a new archive storage system. Since migration is carried out in background it does not disrupt business operation. Main requirement is that PoINT Storage Manager has file system access to the storage system to be replaced.

In case of the Primary Storage Migration the directory structure of the old primary storage device is rebuilt in the new storage device by a method called „Migrate after Stubbing“.  By this concept applications have access to the new storage system already during migration which is carried out in background. A big advantage is that there is no business disruption and the transition to the new system is carried out very fast.

The migration function is integrated in the Tiered Storage concept of PoINT Storage Manager to support a future-proof infrastructure where the data is safe from technology changes.  Thus also in the future company data is stored according to its property in the right storage layer. Data migration can be carried out at any time.

When deciding for a software solution it is important to know if a storage migration has to be carried out once or continuously, as part of a Tiered Storage architecture. In the first case PoINT Storage Manager Migration Edition is the right choice. If a future-proof solution is requested, where also technology changes are taken into account, PoINT Storage Manager with its versatile functionality (Tiering, Migration, Archiving etc,) should be implemented.

Solutions: PoINT Storage Manager, PSM Migration Edition