PoINT File System Analyzer

Version 1.0 Build 23


Functional Description

System Requirements and Installation

License Information & Disclaimer

Functional Description

PoINT File System Analyzer is a tool for analyzing file structures in local or network folders with respect to active and inactive data volumes contained by that folder.

Starting and stopping an analysis pass:

Start an analysis pass by clicking on button "Start analysis". You are asked to specify the folder which shall be analyzed before PoINT File System Analyzer performs the actual analysis. During the analysis, the button changes to "Stop analysis".

Stop a running analysis by clicking on button "Stop analysis". The analysis results which have been collected so far remain valid and available until you start a new analysis pass or exit the PoINT File System Analyzer.

Analysis parameters:

The basic parameter of the analysis is controlled by selecting the file time which shall be used to calculate the age of the data of the files. You may choose between the time when the files have last been modified and the time when files have last been accessed by a user or program. You may change this parameter at any time, and changes immediately affect the views. Please note that server systems do not always maintain and update the last access time of files because this function causes additional i/o operations and may have been disabled by your system administrator.

An additional parameter defines type groups of file by means of file name extensions. Many well known extensions are preconfigured, but you may specify additional extentions (up to 5 characters) or you may set up a user defined type group. This parameter should be changed before you start an analysis pass because it affects the results of future, but not of the current or past analysis pass.

Analysis results:

PoINT File System Analyzer presents the results of an analysis in five different views. The views may be switched by clicking on the corresponding tabs above the views. Additionally, a report including the results may be stored in HTML format in an arbitrary folder by menu command "Generate report". This report may be displayed or printed by an internet browser of your choice.

System Requirements and Installation

System Requirements

PoINT File System Analyzer runs on any Intel Pentium or compatible workstation or server computer system. The following operating systems are supported:

Additionally, Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or higher has to be installed on the system before PoINT File System Analyzer can be started, which has usually been done in the course of automatic updates. If not already installed, the framework may be downloaded and installed from Microsoft.


PoINT File System Analyzer does not require an installation procedure. Simply extract the files from the delivered archive file (e.g. .ZIP) in a folder on a local or network drive which is accessible by the workstation or server system from which you want to perform the analysis, and run the executable file.

License Information
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