PoINT Publisher NG

Version 4.0

Build 243

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General Information

Product Overview

The product "PoINT Publisher NG" enables you to produce CD, DVD and BDs. It consists of the components "PoINT Publisher NG - Server", "PoINT Publisher NG - Control Server", "PoINT Publisher NG - Client", "PoINT Publisher NG - Web Client", "PoINT Publisher NG - ECR" (PoINT ECR) and the "Software Development Kit" (SDK).

Depending on your License Key, one or more of the components will be activated for you.

"PoINT Publisher NG - Server" writes discs according to the specifications of the "Jobs". A "Job" typically consists of a Disc Image and/or a Print Label and additional options. To achieve highest productivity, "PoINT Publisher NG - Server" processes multiple Disc Images and writes to multiple recorders at a time if possible, and it supports autoloaders.

"PoINT Publisher NG - Control Server" allows access to multiple "PoINT Publisher NG - Server" installations using one "PoINT Publisher NG - Client". The optional Load Balancing Service additionally provides advanced features like load balancing, job splitting and failover.

"PoINT Publisher NG - Client" can be used to create Disc Images and to define "Jobs" (based on these images), which are sent over the network to "PoINT Publisher - Server". "PoINT Publisher NG - Client" supports the creation of Data, Audio, Video Images and Disc Copies. Additionally, already existing Disc Images can be used for a "Job" definition. "PoINT Label Editor" helps you designing print files for printing labels on the media.

"PoINT Publisher NG - Web Client" is a client user interface which runs in a web browser. It can be used to start "Jobs" based on existing data images and to print labels on media.

"PoINT ECR" is intended as a tool for simplifying and automating the production of discs in a network environment without the need of builder applications. "PoINT ECR" offers network shares to which data can be copied. According to certain configurable conditions "PoINT ECR" will instruct "PoINT Publisher NG - Server" to produce the discs.

The Software Development Kit (SDK) is an optional extension to the interactive versions of "PoINT Publisher NG". The SDK adds batch processing functionality to "PoINT Publisher NG", so that definitions including imprint file, number of copies and order of jobs for "PoINT Publisher NG" can be controlled by external programs.

Software Installation

Before you can install "PoINT Publisher NG", the "Microsoft .NET Framework" Version 3.5 or 3.5.1 has to be installed and enabled on the target computers. On Windows XP, "Microsoft .NET Framework" must be downloaded and installed. On Windows 7 or higher you have to activate this feature in the Windows Control Panel at "Programs" -> "Turn Windows Features On or Off".

"PoINT Publisher NG" includes an interactive setup program to guide you through the installation process. The setup program installs "PoINT Publisher NG" on a local hard disk and creates a new program group.

Please also refer to section Restrictions before installing the product.

Installation Language

The language which will be selected during the installation process will be used by the user interface of the installation wizard and as default language for all installed program components. After installation, a different language can be selected by each user which uses the software.

Installing "PoINT Publisher NG - Control Server"

When installing the "PoINT Publisher NG - Control Server" on the same system as a "PoINT Publisher NG - Server", it will provide a global registration service which allows clients to access different "PoINT Publisher NG - Servers" by just connecting to the computer where "PoINT Publisher NG - Control Server" has been installed.
To use the advanced features like load balancing, job splitting and failover, the "PoINT Publisher NG - Control Server" and the "Load Balancing Service" must be installed on a separate computer. To perform this installation method, uncheck the option to install the "PoINT Publisher NG - Server" and check the options "PoINT Publisher NG - Control Server" and "Load Balancing Service".

Firewall Settings

The following settings must be changed if PoINT Publisher NG is used with an active firewall.

On the PoINT Publisher NG - Server computer, open the firewall settings and create an exception for the following programs:
On 32 bit systems:
C:\Program Files\PoINT\PoINT Publisher NG\CommSvr\CommunicationServer.exe
C:\Program Files\PoINT\PoINT Publisher NG\RegSvr\RegistrationServer.exe
On 64 bit systems:
C:\Program Files (x86)\PoINT\PoINT Publisher NG\CommSvr\CommunicationServer.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\PoINT\PoINT Publisher NG\RegSvr\RegistrationServer.exe

On the PoINT Publisher NG - Control Server computer, open the firewall settings and create an exception for the following programs:
On 32 bit systems:
C:\Program Files\PoINT\PoINT Publisher NG\ClusSvr\ClusterService.exe
C:\Program Files\PoINT\PoINT Publisher NG\RegSvr\RegistrationServer.exe
On 64 bit systems:
C:\Program Files (x86)\PoINT\PoINT Publisher NG\ClusSvr\ClusterService.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\PoINT\PoINT Publisher NG\RegSvr\RegistrationServer.exe

Please make sure to enter your actual installation path to "PoINT Publisher NG".

Changes in PoINT Label Editor

The version 3.1 of "PoINT Publisher NG" introduces a new version of the PoINT Label Editor which provides the following new key features:

  • New intuitive user interface.
  • Support for circular (arched) text fields.
  • Ordering of elements in layers.
  • Guides for easy element alignment.
  • Multi level undo/redo for all element changes.

Due to the redesign of PoINT Label Editor, the following functionality has been changed:

  • Text will be sized to match the enclosing text field if this option has been selected. Minimal and maximal font size cannot be specified anymore.
  • The option to fit text to the text field is not available for text consisting of multiple lines.
  • Text alignment options have been changed in order to make the software more intuitive.

While the new PoINT Label Editor can import and print files which have been created with previous versions, the layout may slightly change. Therefore the previous version of the PoINT Label Editor is still present and will be used to print existing label files. After loading and saving files with the new PoINT Label Editor, whose rendering engine will be used to print the labels.
If necessary, it is also possible to use the old version of PoINT Label Editor to modify existing labels or to create new label files. To do this, start the executable "LabEdit.exe" which can be found in the directory "LabelEditor" below the installation directory of "PoINT Publisher NG".

Supported Media Types

"PoINT Publisher NG" supports the following media types:

  • CD-R (120mm, 80 mm)
  • DVD-R (120 mm, 80 mm) , DVD-R Double Layer
  • DVD+R (120mm, 80mm) , DVD+R Dual Layer
  • BD-R (7,8 GB, 25 GB, 50 GB)
  • BD-RE (25 GB, 50 GB)

Please note that support for a specific media type also depends on the recorder device.


Working Directory Permissions

If you plan to use "PoINT Publisher NG" in a Client / Server environment or you plan to use the "PoINT Publisher NG - Web Client", you must set the Temporary Working Directory to a directory which is readable and writable by the user account that the "PoINT Publisher NG - Server" is running on and additionally for the SYSTEM account and the user ASPNET. This directory can be specified after starting the "PoINT Publisher NG - Server" for the first time or later using the commands Configuration → Settings → Defaults.

Event Controlled Recording and Mac Clients

PoINT ECR can be applied to network environments with Apple Macintosh clients running "PoINT Publisher NG".

Please observe the following restrictions:

  • PoINT ECR does not automatically create and remove shares for Macintosh clients. Therefore, you have to add the Macintosh share manually after the creation of the ECR folder.
  • Composite Directory Mode is not supported for Macintosh shares. You should not create a Macintosh share for a Composite Directory Mode folder since recording cannot start before the Macintosh share is removed.
  • Files or directories with the attribute 'hidden' that are put in an ECR folder are ignored. Hidden files or directories in subdirectories of an ECR folder are handled as normal files or directories.
  • The directory for the temporary files of "PoINT Publisher NG - Server" should reside on a separate partition, which should not be used by other programs while the server is running. So, the ECR folders should not share the same partition with the temp. directory to avoid a 'disk full' condition.

Third Party Label Editor "Bar Tender"

In order to enable printing by the Label Editor "Bar Tender" from Seagull Scientific Inc. in "PoINT Publisher NG" the following conditions must be fulfilled:

  • You need a "PoINT Publisher NG" license that includes the "Advanded Print Option".
  • The "Bar Tender" software must be installed on the computer running "PoINT Publisher NG - Server".
  • The use of the Label Editor "Bar Tender" from Seagull Scientific Inc. together with "PoINT Publisher NG - Server" requires that the printer be configured as the default printer of the PC. Therefore, "PoINT Publisher NG - Server" sets the printer selected in your configuration (menu Configuration → Settings) as the default printer. At program termination the original default printer setting is restored. When no printer is configured in "PoINT Publisher NG - Server" or when "Bar Tender" is not installed, the default printer setting is not changed.
  • If you intend to use more than one autoloader simultaneously on the same computer, you need one of the Enterprise Editions - formerly called Integrator Edition of "Bar Tender". For one autoloader the Basic / Professional Edition is sufficient if the printer of the autoloader may be the default printer.
  • Finally, you have to enable the use of "Bar Tender" in the Settings dialog of the Configuration menu of "PoINT Publisher NG - Server". In contrast to earlier versions, "PoINT Publisher NG" does no more automatically search the system for an installed version of "Bar Tender" at program start. Please select the "Bar Tender" edition you have licensed in the Settings dialog.
  • Since version 8 of "Bar Tender" variable print field are only supported with the Enterprise Edition of Bar Tender.

Printing of PDF Files by Adobe Acrobat Reader

Printing of PDF files is supported with Adobe Acrobat Reader XI, version 11.0.0. Other versions can be used if they support printing through the command line.

Please note that printing of PDF files is controlled by the XML file "CmdlineTab.xml" which inlucdes a command line entry for Arcobat Reader which is automatically called by "PoINT Publisher NG". Depending on your installation you may need to adapt this command line entry. "CmdlineTab.xml" is typically located under the following path:
On Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\PoINT\PoINT Publisher.
On Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1: C:\ProgramData\PoINT\PoINT Publisher.

Client - Server Operation in a Workgroup

If your computers are part of a Workgroup (in contrast to a Domain), you are required to create Windows user accounts on the server computer for the clients. The account(s) used to work with "PoINT Publisher NG" on a client require the same account on the server computer. The account name and the password must be the same on both machines. The password must not be empty.

Also, in Windows XP, the option "Use simple file sharing" must be switched off, in order to permit "PoINT Publisher NG - Clients" to connect to the "PoINT Publisher NG - Server". You can find this option in the Windows Explorer: From the Explorer's menu select "Tools" → "Folder Options", select the "View" dialog page to display the list of options.

On Windows Vista, Windows 7 and above, the default settings prevent the computer from being visable to the network. Also, file sharing is disabled. For client/server operation or use of ECR, these settings must be altered. On the Windows Control Panel select "Network and Internet" and "Network Sharing Center". Switch on "network discovery" and "file sharing".

Copy Jobs using Build-in Recorders of the Autoloader

By default, "PoINT Publisher NG - Client" prevents using the build-in recorders of the autoloader for reading discs to create "Copy Jobs". These recorders are not presented in the selection list.

WARNING: We strongly discourage you from using the build-in recorders of the autoloader for performing "Copy Jobs" in "PoINT Publisher NG - Client". YOU MAY SERIOUSLY HARM YOURSELF if you put hands into the machine while it is running in order to load discs in the recorders.

We recommend to use "PoINT Bulk Reader" for reading and copying discs in the build-in recorders. However, the protectíve default behavior of "PoINT Publisher NG - Client" may be disabled by modifying a flag in the registry. Then, the build-in recorders will be presented in the selection list. Please note that no jobs must be executed in "PoINT Publisher NG - Server" at that time, and that you can make only one copy at a time. The protective function can be disabled by altering the following entry in the registry: At the key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\PoINT\PoINT Publisher\4.0\CDserver\Settings", value name "ReportServerDeviceList" modify the value from 1 to 0. Then, restart both, "PoINT Publisher NG - Server" and "PoINT Publisher NG - Client".

Known Restrictions

Label Editor

If PoINT Label Editor or other print programs under Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 do not (correctly) print text, this problem is probably caused by a printer driver that is not fully compatible with these operating systems. To resolve the problem, you need to install an up-to-date printer driver. Please contact the manufacturer of the autoloader or printer.

Control Server / Load Balancing

Media Quality Check Jobs are not supported when using the Control Server with Load Balancing.

In case that a printer error (e.g. ribbon end) occurs and, simultaneously, the input bin becomes empty on the same server and for the same job, the job does not fail over to another server. Additionally, in case that the production server software is terminated unexpectedly during execution of jobs, jobs do not fail over to another server regardless of the settings in the control server.

If the printers of all productions servers are disabled, the status value of an OIRequest statement in the script file of an SDK job does not reflect the error. Furthermore, values of OIRequest and OIFromServer statements are not always cleared when the original condition changes.

Bulk Reader

The current version of Bulk Reader does not support discs that contain audio tracks.

SDK Functions

Image files can be created by SDK jobs (CreateImageFile). This feature is not supported for client SDK jobs (cdsdk.exe).

The creation of double layer DVDs by DDP is not possible by "PoINT Publisher NG - Client" nor by SDK jobs.

Services of "PoINT Publisher NG"

On slow computers, the services of "PoINT Publisher NG" sometimes do not start. This happens when, at boot time, too many system services start simultaneously and the system disk is temporarily overloaded. Particularly, antivirus software may have this effect, since it causes additional system load.

The problem can be eliminated by increasing the time limit that Windows uses for starting the system services by default. To do so, change or add the following value in the registry of Windows:

Registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control
Value name: ServicesPipeTimeout
Value type: DWORD

Typically, the default value of Windows is 30000 milliseconds. Please enter a value greater the 30000, e.g. 60000 milliseconds (decimal).

Support and Updates

Please contact your dealer for support and updates.

Give as reference the following items:

  • "PoINT Publisher NG" version number incl. build number
  • "PoINT Publisher NG" serial number

You can find these item in the "About PoINT Publisher NG" dialog box. Please add a description of your computer system (CPU, memory, type of hard disks, type of SCSI host adapters, type of recorders, autoloaders, ...).

System Requirements

Basic Hardware and Software Requirements

"PoINT Publisher NG" can be installed on any INTEL PENTIUM based PC (or compatible PC) which satisfies the following minimum requirements.

Supported 32 Bit operating systems are:

  • Windows 8 (Pro, Enterprise)
  • Windows 7 (Professional, Ultimate, Enterprise)
  • Windows Server 2008 SP2
  • Windows Vista SP2 (Business, Ultimate, Enterprise)
  • Windows Server 2003 SP2 und 2003 R2 SP2
  • Windows XP Professional SP3

Supported 64 Bit operating systems are:

  • Windows 8 (Pro, Enterprise)
  • Windows 7 (Professional, Ultimate, Enterprise)


  • Running other CD/DVD/BD recording software in parallel to "PoINT Publisher NG" may cause initialisation and recording errors. In some cases, other CD/DVD/BD recording software replace standard system components by incompatible versions at installation time. This may cause permanent failures of "PoINT Publisher NG".
  • Please also refer to the documentation of the required printer driver software, to ensure it supports a specific operating system.
  • "PoINT Publisher NG - Client" requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0. The Framework will automatically be installed if it is not installed yet.
  • When using SCSI devices make sure you are using a PCI Bus Master Adapter.
  • Running on Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 additionally requires that the updates KB951847, KB2539631, KB2518864 und KB2418241 are also installed.

Software Requirements for Web Client


The optional Web Client Server Components which are required to access "PoINT Publisher NG" using a web browser can only be installed if the Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) has been installed before installing "PoINT Publisher NG".

To install IIS on Windows XP:

  • Open Control Panel
  • Open Applet Add or Remove Programs
  • Click Add/Remove Windows Components
  • Select Internet Information Services and click Next to install this component

After installing IIS make sure the Web Server is not blocked by your Firewall. When using the standard Windows XP Firewall, make sure the Web Server (HTTP) is checked in the Advanced Settings dialog of your Local Area Connection.

To install IIS on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1:

  • Open Control Panel
  • Open Applet Programs and Features
  • Click Turn Windows Features on or off
  • Expand Internet Information Services and mark the check boxes for World Wide Web Services and Web Management Tools.

After installing IIS make sure the Web Server is not blocked by your Firewall. When using the standard Windows Firewall, follow these steps:

  • Open Control Panel
  • Open Security Settings
  • Click Allow a program through Windows Firewall
  • Enable the exception for World Wide Web Services (HTTP)

Web Client (Browser)

It is not necessary to install "PoINT Publisher NG" components on a client computer to enable access to the "PoINT Publisher NG - Web Client". The Web Client fully runs in your web browser. The following browsers are supported with "PoINT Publisher NG - Web Client":

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9
  • Mozilla Firefox 6.0 (Windows) and  5.0.1 (Mac OS X, Linux)
  • Safari 5.0.1 (Mac OS X) and 5.1 (Windows)
  • Google Chrome 13.0.782.* (Mac OS X, Windows, Linux)

The Web Client requires that Cookies and JavaScript are enabled. Depending on your web browser it is possible to enabled these features selectively for specific web sites or servers. The "PoINT Publisher NG - Web Client" also requires a Java Plug-in for your web browser. Java Plug-ins for different browsers are included in the Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE). The JRE 5 (Mac OS X) and 6 (Windows) are supported. However, it is recommended to install the latest JRE which is available for your operating system.

Supported Autoloaders

Note: With many of the subsequently listed printer devices, no printer drivers had been available for Windows 8 when the present version of PoINT Publisher NG was released. Consequently, the printing functions could not be tested on these operating systems. Please check if the manufacturer of your printer device or autoloader, respectively, provides applicable drivers before you move to Windows 8.

All Pro Solutions

  • Olympus 2x (2 drives)
  • Olympus 4x (4 drives)
  • Olympus 7x (7 drives)
  • Olympus 8x (8 drives)
  • Zeus 2x (2 drives)
  • Zeus 4x (4 drives)
  • Zeus 7x (7 drives)
  • Zeus 8x (8 drives)

"Individual Operating Modes" (2 or 3 input bins and 1 output bin) are supported for firmware versions V6.04 or higher. PoINT Publisher NG was tested with version "ALL-PRO-SOL" "CD-4" "V6.04".

  • Supported recorder models:
    Pioneer BD-RW BDR-207
    Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-220L, firmware version 1.01
    Optiarc DVD RW AD-7240S, firmware version 1.03
  • Supported printer models:
    SpeedJet Pro (printer driver version 70.91.5404.0, advanced functions v. 4.00)  (Windows 7)
    TEAC P55C (Windows XP, Windows 7)
    EnduraJet or "EPSON Artisan 50 Series", resp.
    (printer driver version 6.61) (Windows XP, Windows 7)

For this printer manual alignment is required. The following values are recommended:
Horizontal: 33.5 mm, vertical: 79.5 mm with portrait format.
To enter the values, use the menu function 'File → Label Alignment' of "PoINT Label Editor" on the computer that the printer is locally connected to. To start "PoINT Label Editor", first start "PoINT Publisher NG - Client" and select the menu function 'Tools → PoINT Label Editor'.


  • On Windows XP, OLYMPUS/ZEUS Series Publishing Systems are not supported because the device drivers for the included eSATA adapter cards from Silicon Image do not support parallel recording with up to 8 drives on Windows XP.
  • At the time, OLYMPUS/ZEUS Series Publishing Systems are not supported on 64-bit editions of Windows 7. For updated information regarding this issue, please contact All Pro Solutions or PoINT Software & Systems.


  • When the hardware is put into operation, the order of switching on the various parts is important. First, the printer should be switched on, BEFORE any other components. Next, the tower with the recorders, then the robotic part and the computer. If you do not follow this order, the printer and consequently the total autoloader will deny operation.


  • Delta 3 (firmware version 2.13b, recorders TEAC DV-W 5000S, firmware revision 1.0N, 1.0P, 1.0Q)
  • Delta 5 (firmware version 2.13b, recorders TEAC DV-W 5000S, firmware revision 1.0N, 1.0P, 1.0Q)
  • Delta 7 (firmware version 2.13b, recorders TEAC DV-W 5000S, firmware revision 1.0N, 1.0P, 1.0Q)
  • Alpha (firmware version 15, recorder _NEC DVD_RW ND-4570A, firmware revision 1.03)
  • Omega Pro (firmware version 3.15a, recorders PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-219L, firmware revision 1.00)
  • Omega (firmware version 2.13d, recorders Optiarc DVD RW AD-7170A, firmware revision 1.02)
  • Supported printer models:
    ODP 200 (printer driver version
    ODP 500 (printer driver version
    Terra CD Printer 5000, printer driver version: (Windows XP), 7032.0801.200.102 (Windows 7)
    TEAC P55C

Primera Technologies

  • Disc Publisher II (printer driver version 1.03)
  • Disc Publisher PRO (printer driver version 1.10)
  • Disc Publisher XR (printer driver version 1.03)
  • Disc Publisher XRP (printer driver version 1.03, 1.31)
  • Disc Publisher XR Blu (printer driver version 1.03)
  • Disc Publisher Pro Xi (printer driver version 1.48)
  • Disc Publisher Pro Xi2 (printer driver version 1.48)
  • Disc Publisher 4100 Series (printer driver version 1.05)


  • These autoloaders communicate via USB. Since the data to the recorders are also sent via USB, we strongly recommend to connect the autoloaders to a USB 2.0 port in order to get a useful data transfer rate.
  • Models with drives that are not connected via USB are supported, too.
  • The option "Print Before Recording" is not supported with these autoloaders.

TEAC Corporation

  • "Explorer 1" ("WP-55T")
    Supported configuration:
    • Integrated printer "Teac P-55 Disc Label Printer" (models see below)
    • Up to 3 recorders (supported models see below)
    • Supported autoloader firmware versions: 1.46, 1.81, 1.89
  • "Polarstar" ("WP-55B")
    Supported configuration:
    • Integrated printer "Teac P-55 Disc Label Printer" (models see below)
    • 1 recorder (supported models see below)
    • With or without the stacker "WP-OP100"
    • Supported autoloader firmware version: 1.65
  • "DiscSprinter" ("WP-3150")
    Supported configuration:
    • Integrated printer "Teac P-55 Disc Label Printer" (models see below)
    • Up to 3 recorders (supported models see below)
    • Supported autoloader firmware version: 0.71, LS 0.84/MC 0.83, LS 0.87/MC 0.85, LS 0.90/MC 0.89
  • Supported recorder models:
    Lite-On ATAPI iHBS112 2 (FW PTT1)
    Matsushita BD-MLT SW-5583 with 1x and 2x BD speed (FW 1009)
    Pioneer BD-RW BD-R203 D.0A
    Pioneer BD-RW BD-R205 D.T1
    TEAC DV-W516E / GDM (FW M452)
    TEAC DV-W5000E/S (FW 1.0A, 1.0H, 1.0K)
  • Supported printer models:
    P-55B (FW 51.38 / FPGA 51.02 / Printer Driver 61.0.1152.1)
    P-55B (FW 52.00 / FPGA 51.03 / Driver
    P-55C (FW 60.25 / FPGA 60.01 / Printer Driver beta1)
    P-55C (FW 60.28 / FPGA 60.01 / Printer Driver
    P-55C (FW 60.34 / FPGA 60.01 / Printer Driver beta 24)
    P-55C (FW 60.36 / FPGA 60.01 / Printer Driver beta13)
    P-55C (FW 60.44 / FPGA 60.02 / Printer Driver beta2)

Please note:
The printer driver of the "TEAC P-55 Disc Label Printer" should be installed prior to configuring the autoloader in PoINT Publisher NG.

For the proper functioning of the Maintenance Mode of the autoloader the following must be obeyed:

  • There must not exist further printers except "Teac P-55 Disc Label Printer".
  • The recorders must have the drive letters D:, E:, and F:. Further hard disks or partitions may use drive letters above those used for the recorders. To leave the Maintenace Mode, switch off the autoloader by its rear power switch.

When PoINT Publisher NG - Server is running, the front power key is watched. If it is pressed, the system is requested to shut down. You will see a corresponding message on the front panel display as soon as the autoloader's current activity will be completed and provided that Publisher is not paused, i.e. the Pause button was not pressed. If the server is processing jobs, these will be completed first. Then Publisher - Server terminates and the system shuts down.

Please note:
The restart function (i.e. shutdown + restart) of the operating system does not work properly.
The hardware unconditionally powers off after 5 minutes.


  • Cyclone
    Supported configuration:
    • Cyclone firmware version: 303V2.3
    • Up to 6 recorders, type Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-219L, firmware revision 1.02
    • eSATA-Adapter: Silicon Image Inc., driver version
    • Printer models: see below
  • Supported printer models:
    Excellent IV (printer driver version 14,00,42320,00,300,05,21,07)  (Windows XP, Windows 7)
    Excelsior II (printer driver version 70.91.5404.0 with advanced functions v. 4.00) (Windows 7, 32 and 64bit, Windows 8, 32 bit)
    TEAC P-55C (printer driver version, firmware version 60.44, FPGA version 60.02, HCT version 5.00) ( Windows 7, 32 and 64bit)

To ensure that the printer driver works properly it may be necessary to adapt the settings of the printer (e.g. mask settings). Please follow the instructions enclosed in the shipment of the Cyclone autoloader.

On Windows XP recording errors may possibly occur very often, which result in a considerable amount of waste, because many eSATA adapters do not work failure-free on this operating system. This applies e.g. to the supported adapter. To get rid of the problem, you need an improved driver or another adapter. Please contact ADR or the manufacturer of the eSATA adapter.

When the hardware is put into operation, the order of switching on the various parts is important. First, the printer should be switched on, BEFORE any other components. Then the robotic part and the computer. If you do not follow this order, the printer and consequently the total autoloader will deny operation.

Further Autoloader Manufacturers

Regarding support for further Autoloader manufacturers please contact PoINT Software & Systems directly.

COM Port Selection

By default "PoINT Publisher NG" searches for autoloaders at COM ports 1 through 3. If your device is connected to a different port, it is necessary to adjust a registry key so that "PoINT Publisher NG" includes that port in its search algorithm.
To change these parameters, start REGEDIT.EXE with administrative rights and open the following registry key:


Then create or modify the DWORD values MinComPort and MaxComPort which specify the first and last port number to search. Valid values are 1 through 8. Restart the computer after changing these values.


PoINT Software & Systems GmbH
Eiserfelder Str. 316
57080 Siegen, Germany

+49 271 3841 151

sales@point.de (sales and product related inquiries)
info@point.de (general inquiries)


License Information
Possession, use, duplication or dissemination of this documentation as well as the software described in this documentation is authorised only pursuant to a valid written license from PoINT Software & Systems GmbH or an authorised sublicensor.

PoINT Software & Systems GmbH believes the Information included in this publication is accurate as of the date of publication, it is subject to change without notice. PoINT Software & Systems GmbH is not responsible for any inadvertent errors. PoINT Software & Systems GmbH makes no representations that the use of its products in the manner described in this document will not infringe on existing or future patent rights, nor do the descriptions contained in this document imply the granting of licenses to make, use, or sell equipment or software in accordance with the description.

Besides "PoINT Publisher NG" the production of a perfect Disc requires a well configured System environment with a working Recording Device and a flawless Medium. Therefore PoINT Software & Systems GmbH does not warrant in any case that a Disc recorded with the "PoINT Publisher NG" software is readable without errors. It is the obligation of the user of "PoINT Publisher NG" to ensure correct recording by proof reading techniques.