Extended object storage support

PoINT Storage Manager 5.1 contains an extended support of object storage and offers an optimal integration of object-based storage systems into a tiered storage architecture.  All advantages of this new technology, like high scalability, performance, redundancy, fast data availability and archiving functionality for long term preservation can be used selectively.
From now on also NetApp StorageGRID Webscale, Caringo Swarm and Amplidata Himalaya are supported. Also important is the new NetApp FAS / Clustered Data ONTAP support. By integrating this storage system as source versatile advantages like seamless scalability can be used also by PoINT Storage Manager. Furthermore the implementation of EMC Data Domain and Spectra Logic T-Series as archive devices within the archive tier is possible. Enhanced functions regarding object-based data storage as well as an improved client/server communication completes this new version. Further information can be found here.

PoINT Storage Manager - File Tiering and Archiving