File Archiving to Object Storage

Many primary storage systems are full with inactive data, which has not been accessed for months. For gaining free capacity at the primary storage and for reducing the backup-volume, data has to be archived to secondary storage systems. Object-based storage systems (so called Object Storage) are especially suited for archiving inactive data. Advantages in comparison to traditional storage technologies are i.a. that these systems are designed for big data volumes and are scalable regarding performance and redundancy. In addition object storage systems have “Long Term Preservation“-functionality.
PoINT Storage Manager offers policy-based file tiering- and archiving functions by which inactive data can be archived transparently to object storage systems. By data protection and security functions of PoINT Storage Manager archived data can be protected against modifications and deletion and thus compliance requirements can be fulfilled.
Further information to object storage and a list of supported systems can be found here.

Vogel IT Storage Technology Conference 2015

April 21, 2015 Hamburg
April 23, 2015 Neuss
April 28, 2015 Munich
April 30, 2015 Frankfurt a.M.

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PoINT Storage Manager - File Tiering and Archiving