PoINT improves support and performance for object storage

For the integration cloud and object storage PoINT has several improvements in the latest version of PoINT Storage Manager.
PoINT enhanced e.g. the caching when reading files from object storage and added the support of signature version 4  to the PoINT Connector for Amazon S3.

Regarding the support of NetApp FAS storage systems the cluster mode for FPolicy Server  had been improved.  In the previous version archiving jobs were terminated when the FPolicy connection to NetApp FAS system was temporarily broken. By this new version the archiving job will wait few seconds until the connection has been re-established.

Storage-Insider Award 2016

PoINT was nominated for the Storage-Insider Award 2016 in the category Archiving.

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The survey is open until August 31, 2016


PoINT Storage Manager - File Tiering and Archiving