PoINT Storage Manager integrates Cloud and Object Store

By PoINT Storage Manager – Enterprise Edition object based storage solution, in particular object store solutions – can be integrated into existing storage infrastructures. Therewith it is not only possible to integrate object based storage solutions which are available at the market, but also fully support cloud solutions by means of S3 and CDMI as standard interfaces.
Without any application change companies can now take advantage of cloud solutions as well as other object based storage systems which excel in high scalability, consistent performance and a high level of redundancy.
Further information please refer to our datasheet.

PoINT at “Powering the Cloud” in Frankfurt

PoINT exhibits this year again at “Powering the Cloud” which takes place from October 28th to 29th in Frankfurt. Stopping at our booth we will present to you our data & storage management solution PoINT Storage Manager and explain how you can easily integrate cloud and object stores into your existing storage infrastructure. Thus you can not only optimize usage of storage systems and technologies but also implement archiving processes effectively and reduce your storage costs considerably. For further information and the promo code for a free ticket please refer to  www.point.de.


PoINT Storage Manager - File Tiering and Archiving

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Automated Storage Tiering


White Paper Automated Storage Tiering