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File Tiering & Archiving

The modern challenges which have to be faced by companies of all size and branch within the IT infrastructure are enormous. Although that the data growth is the main reason for most of these challenges you will find functional and branch-specific challenges and so solution approaches can differ.


Data und Storage Management

Intelligent storage management for cost-efficient data management and compliant file archival. More Information


File-based Archiving

Automatic, cost-efficient archiving in line with compliance requirements. More Information

Cloud and Object Storage Connector

Rules-based file tiering and archiving in cloud and object stores. More Information

Filesystem Migration

Automatic, smooth migration of primary storage systems. More Information


Research & Teaching

Cost-effective long-term storage of research and teaching data. More Information


Secure, cost-effective long-term storage of medical data in line with applicable compliance and retention requirements. More Information


Cost-effective, efficient and secure storage platform, with archiving, in line with applicable compliance and retention requirements. More Information

Service Provicers

Efficient, cost-effective, stringent storage platform with integrated archiving. More Information


Efficient, secure, cost-effective storage platform in line with all required regulations. More Information

Independent of branch or size of the company, an efficient solution must be found for some or all of the following essential questions and issues:

  • How can we cope with the continuously growing data volume and how can we keep the cost for storage hardware within the budget?
  • How can we meet the requirements of Compliant Archiving?
  • How can we minimize the risk of data loss and which storage technologies are suitable for this purpose?
  • How can we consolidate existing storage systems and displace obsolete systems efficiently?
  • How can storage migration expected in the future incorporated in a storage concept to avoid business disruption?

These problems can be solved efficiently and precisely by intelligent storage management solutions. PoINT Software & Systems GmbH offers software solutions for these demands, which can be integrated into an existing storage infrastructure to meet current and future challenges.