PoINT File System Analyzer

Die Grafik zeigt das Datennvolumen von aktiven und inaktiven Daten.

The program scans all data on a selected primary storage device and shows the amount of inactive data. Since primary storage is very expensive only active and heavily used data should be stored there. It maybe noted that in many companies up to 80 % of the data is inactive.

Because primary storage is often overloaded, expensive storage extensions have to be considered which can be avoided by a Tiered Storage solution like PoINT Storage Manager. By means of PoINT Storage Manager inactive data is migrated according to various criteria to cost-effective secondary storage which leads typically to a cost reduction of up to 60%.

The PoINT File System Analyzer (PFSA) shows what amount of data has not been used for a longer period of time thus can be migrated to secondary storage or even archived.

For companies the PFSA is available free of charge and can be downloaded (download software) - no installation is required. Various parameters for the scanning process can be selected e.g. last access, data type. The result is shown graphically and can be exported as an HTML file.

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