PoINT Publisher NG

PoINT Publisher

Network-wide and high availability publishing of CD/DVD and Blu-ray discs

Labelled CD/DVD or Blu-ray discs are still the first choice if for publishing electronic information on appealing media, espcially if an internet distribution is not possible as a matter of availability, bandwidth or security aspects. PoINT Publisher NG offers an automated and professional media production, including a perfect designed label print, which can be integrated into workflows and applications. PoINT Publisher NG can be used for versatile applications ranging from single-unit solution to high availability, network-wide and fully integrated media production.



Das Bild zeigt die Startseite der Software PoINT Publisher NG, der Medien produziert.

By the intuitive graphical user interface of the Windows-client-application of PoINT Publisher NG media can be copied, new data CD/DVD and Blu-ray discs, Audio CDs, Video CD/DVD and Blu-ray discs or print jobs can be created and sent to the server. Additionally, the production and device status can be monitored network-wide. Moreover, web clients can both send production jobs and control the production status by a browser - and thereby even via internet – to a server. Consequently, the comprehensive functionality of PoINT Publisher NG is now also available for Mac and UNIX user.

One production system is often not sufficient to produce the requested number of media in a pre-defined period of time. “Local Load-Balancing“ already offers the possibility to control multiple production systems from one PoINT Publisher NG server locally and to automatically assign new jobs to the production system with the shortest job list. Thanks to the new “Networked Load-Balancing“ several PoINT Publisher NG server and the production systems controlled thereby can be managed centrally from one control server in the network. New jobs are assigned to the system which is likely to finish the job first. An automated division of a high volume job into multiple smaller jobs is also supported. In case of a production system failure, the jobs assigned to this production system are automatically distributed to the remaining systems. Thanks to PoINT Publisher NG „Networked Load-Balancing“ a high availability media production environment is implemented.

Diese Gui zeigt, wie einfach die Medienproduktion bedient ausgeführt werden kann.

Event Controlled Recording (ECR), a method both developed and named by PoINT, includes the network-wide usage of CD/DVD and Blu-ray disc production systems, even in heterogeneous environments. Files to be published are copied to a specific folder of a file system and recorded to media according to definable rules. The discs are printed afterwards.

Besides ECR also the Batch Interface of PoINT Publisher NG can be used for a seamless integration of media production into an existing workflow. All details like media content, print file and further job attributes can be defined in a project file and transmitted to the server by using a plain script language. Thus applications like “Patient CD”, “Direct Marketing” or “Just-In-Time Production” can be implemented as efficient and professional as required.



  • Hardware control by PoINT’s well proven recording technology
  • Parallel operation of multiple autoloaders connected to a single PC, including „Local Load-Balancing“
  • Simultaneous recording of different CD/DVD and Blu-ray disc images
  • Automatic adaptation to hard disk performance to avoid buffer-underruns
  • BURN Proof (if supported by the recording device)
  • Integrated user management


Hier ist die Benutzeroberfläche des Windows-Client innerhalb des Publisher NG zu sehen.
  • Copying of existing CD/DVD and Blu-ray disc media
  • Creation of new Audio CDs and Data CD/DVD and Blu-ray discs
  • Creation of Video CD/DVD and Blu-ray discs (based on formatted directory and file structures)
  • Import of pre-defined CD/DVD and Blu-ray discs images, also from other authoring systems
  • Design and management of individual disc labels
  • Control of multiple PoINT Publisher NG Server

Label Editor

Bei Medienproduktion mit dem PoINT Publisher NG können durch den Label Editor Medien individuell gestaltet werden.
  • Creates individual labels with variable elements (data, serial numbers and time)
  • Replaces data elements during print process by external files by graphic or text
  • Supports graphic-, text and arc-text Elements

Networked Load-Balancing

  • Additional control server to run multiple PoINT Publisher NG Server in a network
  • Ensures a well-balanced utilization of the production systems by network-wide automated job assignment („Networked Load-Balancing“)
  • Automated shifting of re-assignment jobs in case of a production system failover
  • Optional splitting of high volume jobs to multiple production systems
  • Control server supports Windows Cluster


Der PoINT Publisher NG kann durch den Web-Client über den Internetbrowser bedient werden.
  • Operating systems independent appliance by internet browser
  • Import of pre-defined CD/DVD and Blu-ray disc images, even if generated by other authoring systems
  • Control of multiple PoINT Publisher NG servers

Event Controlled Recording (ECR)

Durch ECR unterstützt der PoINT Publisher NG die Multi-Volume-Funktion-
  • Automated network-wide production of CD/DVD and Blu-ray discs
  • Multi Volume support by automated file spanning on multiple media
  • Individual label printing
  • Recording of pre-defined images, even if generated by other authoring Systems

Batch Interface (SDK)

  • Script-based control method for integrating third-party products (“on-demand media production”)
  • Complete functionality covered by batch commands
  • Flexible CD/DVD and Blu-ray disc image creation
  • Full support of client/server paradigm

Bulk Reader

  • Copies media automatically to hard disk
  • Stores media content as disc image or as directory structure
  • Logs the copy process

Disc Description Protocol (DDP)

  • Direct creation of CD/DVDs from DDP files
  • Support of DDP versions 1.x and 2.0 (single session)

Technical Information

Supported Devices

  • All Pro Solutions
  • ADR
  • LSK
  • Primera
  • Teac

Addtional information are available here.

System Requirements

Addtional information are available here.  

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