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PoINT Storage Manager

The Data & Storage Management solution for migration and archiving of unstructured data to secondary and archive storage in a tiered storage architecture. PoINT Storage Manager is independent of specific storage system manufacturers or technologies. This creates flexibility and investment protection.

PoINT Archival Gateway

The software solution for storing and archiving huge amounts of data on tape media. PoINT Archival Gateway is a scalable tape-based S3 Object Storage. The software is highly performant and supports all standard tape libraries.

PoINT Storage Manager 6.5: Expanded functionality at all levels

PoINT Storage Manager 6.5

The new version 6.5 of PoINT Storage Manager provides expanded functionality of our HSM/ILM and archiving software. The newly developed archive file system supplies the user with additional options for file archiving: For examples, file permissions are taken into account in the archiving process.

The new version of the software allows the seamless integration of Linux-based systems into a tiered storage architecture, as well as the configuration of object-based storage in the capacity tier. PoINT Storage Manager 6.5 also supports IBM Jaguar drives. Moreover, it offers certification for the latest versions of the Cloudian HyperStore and Hitachi Content Platform (HCP).

You can find more information about the functional scope of PoINT Storage Manager 6.5 here.


Webinar: „Tape Integrated Object Storage as an Active Archive”

PoINT joined the Active Archive Alliance in June 2020. Together with Shawn Brume (IBM) and Rich Gadomsky (FUJIFILM), Thomas Thalmann explains in this webinar how tape libraries can be integrated as object storage into the storage infrastructure, for the purpose of active archiving. You can view the webinar “Tape-Integrated Object Storage as an Active Archive” here on the Active Archive Alliance website.


PoINT Webinar

With our webinars we would like to present you our software solutions not product- but topic-oriented.

Live Demo: "Archiving and protecting S3 objects on tape" on 11/17 at 4 pm CET to the registration

You can find our recordings here.



PoINT Software & Systems joins the Active Archive Alliance

Active Archive Alliance

PoINT Software & Systems has joined the Active Archive Alliance.

The Alliance serves as a vendor-neutral, trusted source for providing end-users with technical expertise and guidance to design and implement modern active archive strategies that solve data growth challenges through intelligent data management.
"We are pleased to be a part of the Active Archive Alliance and looking forward to present our solutions to interested customers.” Sebastian Klee - CMO

Read more here.

PoINT Archival Gateway supports IBM Jaguar drives

PoINT Archival Gateway

Version 2.1 of the tape-based S3 Object Storage software solution PoINT Archival Gateway now also supports the IBM Libraries TS3500/TS4500 with LTO drives as well as with the models of the IBM 3592 series. Read more here.

How to archive highly sensitive patient data securely

Secure archiving of medical data

Long-term archiving of medical data requires special attention: first, it is highly sensitive and personal patient data. Additionally, medical documents are often subject to very long retention periods. Certain data must be archived securely for up to 30 years, and at the same time it must be easily retrievable at any time.

PoINT Storage Manager meets the high demands on legally compliant archiving of patient data. With Retention Management and WORM protection for archived files, our software ensures that the data is stored securely and unchanged for the specified period.  At the same time, users can access the archived data as usual. Learn more about archiving with PoINT Storage Manager here.

PoINT celebrates its 25th anniversary

PoINT - CeBIT booth 1999

The history of PoINT begins as early as 1985, where the PoINT-team-to-be came together first at Philips’ competence centre for optical storage media, then later at Digital Equipment (DEC) GmbH.

Here, the team were already developing innovative software products for archiving data on optical storage media, making a significant contribution towards the standardisation of optical technology. In 1994, PoINT spun off from Digital Equipment.

From 5 December 1994, it continued under the leadership of its key employees as an independent company, PoINT Software & Systems GmbH. PoINT stands for innovative, stable software; for a focus on our customers; and for reliable service.

Thank you for your loyalty! We look forward to many more years of forward-looking storage products and designs.


<p>Siegen. Version 6.5 of the PoINT Storage Manager is available now. Among other things, this new version of the software enables Linux-based systems to be seamlessly integrated into a tiered storage architecture and object-based storage to be configured for the capacity tier. Users now also have access to a redesigned archive file system that takes file permissions and other factors into account, opening up brand-new options for file archiving. Finally, the new release offers support for IBM Jaguar drives and certification for using the latest versions of the Cloudian HyperStore and Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) object storage systems as archive destinations.</p> <p>Version 6.5 of the PoINT Storage Manager, released in August 2020, has significantly expanded the functionality of this long-established product, providing improvements and additions at all levels of the software.</p> <p>Businesses are being pushed to respond to the growing volume of unstructured data and the increasingly strict standards for long-term storage. They are required to move data from costly primary&nbsp;storage systems to more cost-effective secondary&nbsp;storage, while also meeting any and all relevant regulatory requirements. The PoINT Storage Manager offers a solution to this challenge by automatically transferring data within the storage hierarchy according to prespecified rules, ensuring that data is securely archived using WORM protection, versioning and retention management.</p> <p>Version 6.5 of the PoINT Storage Manager integrates NFS-based primary&nbsp;storage better than ever, making it possible to easily integrate even Linux-based systems into a tiered storage architecture.</p> <p>As well as file-based storage systems such as NAS, users can now also use object-based systems for tiered storage, including at the capacity tier.</p> <p>With standard for archiving higher than ever, PoINT Storage Manager meets the challenge with a redesigned feature: a WORM-enabled archive file system that accounts for file permissions.</p> <p>Aside from LTO drives, the new version also supports tape libraries, now including IBM 3592-series drives. With this innovation, PoINT is particularly targeting data center operators who have high standards for data storage, security and availability. Meanwhile, the latest versions of the Cloudian HyperStore and Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) object storage systems are also officially certified.</p> <p>&ldquo;Version 6.5 of the PoINT Storage Manager incorporates a wide range of requests from our customers,&rdquo; said Sebastian Klee, head of Marketing &amp; Sales at PoINT Software &amp; System GmbH. &ldquo;This significantly expands the range of possible applications for our HSM/ILM and archiving software. Since its initial release in 2007, we have continued to add all kinds of new functionality. The result is a mature solution used by hundreds of customers all around the world.&rdquo;</p> <p><a class="pdf" href="t3://file?uid=1732">Press Release (PDF)</a></p>

PoINT Storage Manager 6.5 features new archive file system

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