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PoINT Storage Manager

PoINT Storage Manager

Data & Storage Management solution for migration and archiving of files to secondary and archive storage systems

PoINT Archival Gateway

PoINT Archival Gateway

Scalable and high-performance S3 object storage solution for storing huge amount of data on tape media

PoINT Data Replicator

Software solution for replication of file systems and objects in an S3-based cloud/object storage

Efficient data tiering for media data with PoINT Storage Manager and MatrixStore

Object Matrix + PoINT Software & Systems

The new partnership between PoINT Software & Systems and Object Matrix offers new possibilities in particular for media companies for the efficient management of their storage capacities. PoINT Storage Manager automatically tiers inactive data to MatrixStore, which is the object storage solution especially for the media industry. For the user, the access to the archive remains fast and transparent.

Jonathan Morgan, CEO, Object Matrix, says: “Integrating with PoINT Storage Manager gives our users greater control over their entire archive, enabling files to be archived and tiered efficiently. Ultimately, this means they can easily optimize storage resources and maximize the cost efficiencies that come with storing more content in MatrixStore.”

For more information, see our press release.

PoINT Data Replicator: File and Object Replication to S3 Buckets

PoINT Data Replicator Screenshot

With the new PoINT Data Replicator PoINT Software & Systems responds to the growing popularity of object storage systems and the related questions of data protection. The "File-to-Object" function of the software solution enables the replication of files stored in file systems to a cloud/object storage. The "S3-to-S3 Object Replication" ensures data protection in the context of hybrid or multi cloud approaches by replicating S3 objects including metadata between any S3-capable source and target buckets.

For more information, see here.

Our current press release

PoINT Storage Manager 6.5: Expanded functionality at all levels

PoINT Storage Manager 6.5

The new version 6.5 of PoINT Storage Manager provides expanded functionality of our HSM/ILM and archiving software. The newly developed archive file system supplies the user with additional options for file archiving: For examples, file permissions are taken into account in the archiving process.

The new version of the software allows the seamless integration of Linux-based systems into a tiered storage architecture, as well as the configuration of object-based storage in the capacity tier. PoINT Storage Manager 6.5 also supports IBM Jaguar drives. Moreover, it offers certification for the latest versions of the Cloudian HyperStore and Hitachi Content Platform (HCP).

You can find more information about the functional scope of PoINT Storage Manager 6.5 here.


Webinar: „Tape Integrated Object Storage as an Active Archive”

PoINT joined the Active Archive Alliance in June 2020. Together with Shawn Brume (IBM) and Rich Gadomsky (FUJIFILM), Thomas Thalmann explains in this webinar how tape libraries can be integrated as object storage into the storage infrastructure, for the purpose of active archiving. You can view the webinar “Tape-Integrated Object Storage as an Active Archive” here on the Active Archive Alliance website.


PoINT Webinar

With our webinars we would like to present you our software solutions not product- but topic-oriented.

01/26 4 pm CET Live Demo: Replication and migration of files and objects in S3 Buckets - register here

You can find our recordings here.



PoINT Archival Gateway supports IBM Jaguar drives

PoINT Archival Gateway

Version 2.1 of the tape-based S3 Object Storage software solution PoINT Archival Gateway now also supports the IBM Libraries TS3500/TS4500 with LTO drives as well as with the models of the IBM 3592 series. Read more here.


<p>January 2020, Siegen, Germany and Cardiff, Wales: Object Matrix and PoINT Software &amp; Systems have partnered to enable efficient lifecycle management with MatrixStore.</p> <p>The combination of MatrixStore, the object storage solution for the media industry, with PoINTs Storage Manager enables media companies to manage their storage, ensuring that capacity is used as efficiently as possible. PoINT Storage Manager easily identifies inactive data which can be automatically migrated to MatrixStore, reducing the load on expensive primary storage. At the same time, customers maintain fast and easy access to their entire archive.</p> <p>The MatrixStore object storage platform is extremely secure, tightly integrated to many media platforms, cost effective for low and high volumes of media and comes with no hidden costs or additional charges to access your data. The company&rsquo;s cloud offering, MatrixStore Cloud, offers the benefits and functionality experienced by organisations using frequent access tiers of public cloud storage at pricing levels that are comparable with archive tiers but without the egress fees or un-predictable costs.</p> <p>Sebastian Klee, CMO, PoINT Software &amp; Systems, commented: &ldquo;The combination of the established products MatrixStore and PoINT Storage Manager offers a seamlessly coordinated cross-industry solution for modern workflows. Users benefit from the flexible and transparent access possibilities of PoINT Storage Manager, coupled with the integrated security mechanisms of MatrixStore.&rdquo;</p> <p>Jonathan Morgan, CEO, Object Matrix, said: &ldquo;Integrating with PoINT Storage Manager gives our users greater control over their entire archive, enabling files to be archived and tiered efficiently. Ultimately, this means they can easily optimise storage resources and maximise the cost efficiencies that come with storing more content in MatrixStore.&rdquo;</p> <p><a class="pdf" href="t3://file?uid=1852">Press release (PDF)</a></p>

Object Matrix and PoINT Software & Systems Partner for Efficient Data Tiering

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