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PoINT Storage Manager

The Data & Storage Management solution for migration and archiving of unstructured data to secondary and archive storage in a tiered storage architecture. PoINT Storage Manager is independent of specific storage system manufacturers or technologies. This creates flexibility and investment protection.

PoINT Archival Gateway

The solution for Big Data Storage. PoINT Archival Gateway provides a scalable and high performance S3-based object storage. The software solution stores and manages huge amounts of data on tape and optical libraries. 

PoINT celebrates its 25th anniversary

PoINT - CeBIT booth 1999

On December, 5th PoINT Software & Systems GmbH celebrated the 25th anniversary of its foundation. We look back on 25 years of development and distribution of innovative software products for reliable archiving and data storage.

We thus celebrate two and a half decades of collaboration within the PoINT team and with our partners and  customers.

Thank you for your constructive collaboration and loyalty!

Up-to-date Technical White Paper ready for download

PoINT Storage Manager and PoINT Archival Gateway present themselves in a new guise: The new Technical White Papers are now available, with a fresh design, succinct information and clear illustrations.

You find the White Paper for PoINT Storage Manager here and the White Paper for PoINT Archival Gateway here.

Multicloud integration with PoINT Storage Manager

Multi Cloud

When it comes to the integration of cloud services for enterprises, Multicloud quickly gets into the spotlight. A single provider of cloud services is usually not sufficient for the specialized requirements. Multicloud produces many benefits: Combining offers from different service providers creates independence, flexibility and reliability.

PoINT Storage Manager helps you to easily integrate several cloud storages into your storage infrastructure: It is compatible with all current off-premises solutions and can seamlessly integrate e.g. Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. So you profit by the advantages of PoINT software and its reliable Information Lifecycle Management. At the same time you fully utilize the flexibility that Multicloud offers you – for an all-around optimized storage process.

Archive-as-a-Service combines Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage with PoINT Storage Manager

Euroson America, Inc., the North American distribution partner of PoINT Software & Systems, offers a new Archiving-as-a-Service solution combining Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage with PoINT Storage Manager, enabling organizations to archive cold data to the cloud at a fixed monthly cost. With the help of PoINT Storage Manager inactive data is automatically and transparently archived to cloud storage, providing a native WORM file system and retention management.

“Euroson has done a tremendous job bringing together two leading solutions as a service, creating a win-win solution for their customers to optimize their data archiving with a strong price/performance model” said Jennifer Kula, VP of Alliances and Channels for Wasabi.

For further information see here.

PoINT Storage Manager 6.4: “User Controlled Archiving“ offers more flexibility

PoINT Storage Manager - User Controlled Archiving (Screenshot)

PoINT responds to numerous customer requests by embedding the new feature “User Controlled Archiving” into PoINT Storage Manager. Data archiving so far resulted from policies specified by the administrator. From now on it can be initiated manually by the departments themselves, via the familiar user interface of the Windows Explorer and within a framework of rules provided by the administrator. So even though the new feature allows “User Controlled Archiving”, it is the administrator who keeps the process in hand.

For further information see here.

SIXT revs up with the PoINT Storage Manager

This is the cover of the SIXT case study

To optimize storage and its costs, SIXT uses PoINT Storage Manager. It outsources rarley used and unstructured data from primary to secondary storage through automated file tiering.

“The PoINT Storage Manager (PSM) reliably fulfills our requirements, so we are very satisfied with the software” said Stefan Kerber, Head of Data Centre Management at the mobility service provider SIXT SE. “The PSM provides access to data for users also outside of the data center.”

To the Case Study

Compliance in teaching and research

Research Lab

Be it scientific studies or measurement results, data used for teaching and research must above all be protected and accessible for long periods of time. This is because these often large volumes of data tend to be unique – and therefore irreplaceable. As a result, capacity requirements and costs for data storage are usually very high. But this does not have to be the case. PoINT offers software solutions for exactly these kinds of scenarios.

The PoINT Archival Gateway is an object storage system that manages and protects huge quantities of data, saving up to 1 PB of data per day on systems such as tape libraries. Its S3 interface enables fast and easy integration into existing infrastructure.

The PoINT Storage Manager is an HSM/ILM solution which automatically archives data based on prespecified rules. It does so by moving this data from primary storage systems to archive storage, while using a range of methods to ensure that users can still access it.

Both products help to archive huge volumes of data and meet compliance requirements in the fields of teaching and research.

Use PoINT Archival Gateway to transfer data from S3 to tape

Infographic of the software - PoINT Archival Gateway

The PoINT Archival Gateway (PAG) software solution receives large volumes of data from S3-compatible systems and applications and stores it on tape and optical systems with high-performance. This software product is designed to manage hundreds of petabytes of data. At the same time it`s made for protecting these data against manipulation and inadvertent deletion using retention management and WORM functionality. Archived data are protected within using user-specified time constraints for making it easy to meet industry-specific compliance guidelines. Performance levels are also outstanding: the solution is capable of reading and writing over one petabyte per day.

3-2-1 backup strategie

Safe means safe. The “3-2-1 rule” says that companies should always keep three copies of all data on two different media systems, with one copy held externally. The PoINT Archival Gateway lets you implement exactly this strategy, as the software converts from one medium to another (including removable media for off-site storage) when copying from systems such as NAS drives or object storage systems to tape or optical drives.


<p>Siegen. PoINT has added a significant number of new functions to its product the PoINT Archival Gateway and now offers a Compact Edition of its tape-based S3 object storage system for small and medium-sized installations. With the Compact Edition, PoINT is particularly targeting businesses looking for a cost-effective solution for tape-based storage and management of data volumes in the single-digit petabyte range.</p> <p>The PoINT Archival Gateway is a scalable, high-performance S3-based object storage software system. It stores and manages large quantities of data on tape libraries. Tape technology in particular is playing an increasingly important role among businesses, in light of the enormous rise in volumes of unstructured data, increasing demands on archival systems and the need to protect (air-gap) systems against ransomware. Tape-based media are also far more cost-effective than hard drive-based systems for storing and archiving large quantities of data.</p> <p>In order for companies to seamlessly integrate tape libraries into their storage infrastructure, it is advisable for them to use software based on S3 object storage principles. The standardised S3 API is being supported by more and more applications, and its underlying HTTP protocol is also particularly effective in light of the particular properties of tape, such as long load times. This is the approach PoINT has realised with the PoINT Archival Gateway.</p> <p><strong>The solution for big data storage</strong></p> <p>This scalable solution supports installations with up to eight tape libraries holding several thousand slots for storing hundreds of petabytes. Now, the Compact Edition offers an alternative for small to medium-sized installations. The functionality of the Compact Edition is identical to that of its larger version. The Compact Edition can be installed on one server and optionally set up to run redundantly on a second. The Compact Edition is a particularly cost-effective solution for customers with storage requirements in the single-digit petabyte range.</p> <p>Customers using hard drive-based object storage systems such as NetApp StorageGRID or Cloudian HyperStore can use the PoINT Archival Gateway to copy their data to tape.</p> <p>PoINT also offers an emulator version of the PoINT Archival Gateway for Proofs of Concept and testing purposes. It can be used to test how to integrate tape-based S3 object storage without physically configuring a tape library.</p> <p><a class="pdf" href="t3://file?uid=1540" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Press Release (PDF)</a></p>

High-performance S3 object storage on tape: PoINT Archival Gateway - Compact Edition

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