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PoINT Storage Manager

PoINT Storage Manager

Data & Storage Management solution for migration and archiving of files to secondary and archive storage systems

PoINT Archival Gateway

PoINT Archival Gateway

Scalable and high-performance S3 object storage solution for storing huge amount of data on tape media

PoINT Data Replicator

Software solution for replication of file systems and objects in an S3-based cloud/object storage

PoINT software and Spectra Tape Storage: Solution strategies for the continuous growth of unstructured data

Spectra Tape Libraries + PoINT Software

The ongoing growth of data, especially for unstructured data, leads to the fact that primary object storage systems are often overloaded with inactive data. The combination of our software products PoINT Storage Manager and PoINT Archival Gateway with Spectra tape libraries offers a flexible and cost-efficient solution: As HSM/ILM and archiving software PoINT Storage Manager moves inactive data to secondary storage and thus reduces data load on primary storage systems. With PoINT Archival Gateway, Spectra tape libraries are integrated as secondary object storage systems via the standardized S3 interface.

Further details about this solution can be found in the Solution Brief.

Huawei OceanStor and PoINT Storage Manager

Huawei OceanStor Pacific, Huawei OceanStor V5/F V5 and Huawei OceanStor Dorado are now certified with PoINT Storage Manager.

For more details please contact us at!

PoINT Storage Manager in use at the Belgian Broadcasting Center of the German-speaking Community


PoINT Storage Manager supports the Belgian Broadcasting Center of the German-speaking Community (Belgischer Rundfunk, BRF) in archiving large stocks of media. While digitizing older recordings from videotapes and cassettes it soon became clear that the files could not be stored exclusively on hard disks. The BRF decided for cost-efficient archiving on tape, with the help of PoINT Storage Manager. PoINT's software archives the files automatically and at the same time, it ensures transparent access to the archive. This guarantees the availability of the archive material to the editors for further use.

For more details about the use of PoINT Storage Manager at BRF please see our Case Study.

PostFinance AG increases data security with PoINT Archival Gateway

PostFinance AG

Swiss PostFinance AG was looking for a solution to additionally secure its object data on an independent storage technology. Our tape-based object storage PoINT Archival Gateway meets all the requirements of the financial institute. PoINT Archival Gateway replicates the data via a standardized S3 interface on tape. Data is replicated automatically and redundantly on two independent tape libraries. Thus, data is protected against human error and ransomware, while it can quickly be restored if needed. With PoINT Archival Gateway, PostFinance AG has found a high-performance and scalable solution to increase data security.

You can find more details about the use of PoINT Archival Gateway at PostFinance AG in our case study.

Data Management, Object Storage and Tape Technology are Increasingly Important for Active Archives

Data Management, Object Storage and Tape Technology are Increasingly Important for Active Archives

With a view to growing amounts of inactive object data on primary storage systems, solutions are needed for storing this inactive data more cost-effectively than on hard disk drives. In our current blog article for the Active Archive Alliance we explain our approach of integrating tape technology as an active archive for object data into the existing storage infrastructure and life cycle management. Read here how tape can help to meet the challenges of rising data volumes and at the same time protect your valuable data, e.g. against ransomware.

PoINT Data Replicator: File and Object Replication to S3 Buckets

PoINT Data Replicator Screenshot

With the new PoINT Data Replicator PoINT Software & Systems responds to the growing popularity of object storage systems and the related questions of data protection. The "File-to-Object" function of the software solution enables the replication of files stored in file systems to a cloud/object storage. The "S3-to-S3 Object Replication" ensures data protection in the context of hybrid or multi cloud approaches by replicating S3 objects including metadata between any S3-capable source and target buckets.

For more information, see here.

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PoINT Webinar

With our webinars we would like to present you our software solutions not product- but topic-oriented.

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<p>Siegen. The Belgian Broadcasting Corporation of the German-speaking Community (Belgischer Rundfunk, BRF) is working with PoINT to digitize old recordings. The PoINT Storage Manager securely and cost-effectively archives media files on tape, guaranteeing fast and transparent access to data.</p> <p>BRF aims to gradually digitize older recordings stored on various analog tape-based media. This is resulting in the creation of audio and video files in a range of formats and sizes, from a few megabytes to hundreds of gigabytes. It quickly became clear that it was impossible to archive all of this data on hard-disk drives alone; instead, BRF needed a more cost-effective solution.</p> <p>The company therefore decided to archive on digital tape with the help of PoINT Storage Manager. PoINT's software integrates an LTO-8 tape library seamlessly into BRF&rsquo;s existing storage infrastructure to serve as an archive storage system. Using a two-tier, hierarchical approach to storage management, the PoINT Storage Manager automatically archives data to tape. Editors use the primary&nbsp;storage format's file system to access archived content, meaning that they can quickly and transparently access old audio and video recordings and use them in new reports.</p> <p>&ldquo;PoINT's software meets all of our requirements, and it was the most cost-effective option,&rdquo; said Marc Schiffler, head of production and technology. &ldquo;The data is saved in a non-proprietary format, and the system is fully transparent for the applications used to access the files. It does exactly what we need while still being easy to use.&rdquo;</p> <p>Tape-based archive storage is reliably scalable, so BRF stands ready to deal with the constantly rising volume of data in its archive. Archiving on tape improves data protection and ensures that files are available even if other tiers of the storage infrastructure experience outages.</p> <p><strong>About Belgischer Rundfunk:</strong></p> <p>The abbreviation BRF stands for Europe's smallest public service broadcaster. With around 70 employees the Belgian Broadcasting Corporation of the German-speaking Community is based in Eupen and has studios in Brussels and St. Vith. It offers three radio channels, one television channel and an internet portal. The Belgian Broadcasting is the public service broadcaster of the German-speaking Community of Belgium and thus has a corresponding mission to accomplish. It sees itself as a medium that primarily has to inform: for and about the German-speaking Community, about Belgium, the Euregio, but also about international events.</p> <p><a class="pdf" href="t3://file?uid=1924">Press Release (PDF)</a></p>

Broadcaster BRF archives media data securely and transparently with PoINT

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