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PoINT Archival Gateway

PoINT Storage Manager

The Data & Storage Management solution for migration and archiving of unstructured data to secondary and archive storage in a tiered storage architecture. PoINT Storage Manager is independent of specific storage system manufacturers or technologies. This creates flexibility and investment protection.

PoINT Archival Gateway

The solution for Big Data Storage. PoINT Archival Gateway provides a scalable and high performance S3-based object storage. The software solution stores and manages huge amounts of data on tape and optical libraries. 

SIXT revs up with the PoINT Storage Manager

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To optimize storage and its costs, SIXT uses PoINT Storage Manager. It outsources rarley used and unstructured data from primary to secondary storage through automated file tiering.

“The PoINT Storage Manager (PSM) reliably fulfills our requirements, so we are very satisfied with the software” said Stefan Kerber, Head of Data Centre Management at the mobility service provider SIXT SE. “The PSM provides access to data for users also outside of the data center.”

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PoINT nominated for Storage Insider Award 2019

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PoINT is nominated for the Storage Insider Award 2019 in the category "Storage Management & Software-Defined Storage". Do you have a minute? Then we would be happy if you could give us your vote. Thank you very much.

Compliance in teaching and research

Research Lab

Be it scientific studies or measurement results, data used for teaching and research must above all be protected and accessible for long periods of time. This is because these often large volumes of data tend to be unique – and therefore irreplaceable. As a result, capacity requirements and costs for data storage are usually very high. But this does not have to be the case. PoINT offers software solutions for exactly these kinds of scenarios.

The PoINT Archival Gateway is an object storage system that manages and protects huge quantities of data, saving up to 1 PB of data per day on systems such as tape libraries. Its S3 interface enables fast and easy integration into existing infrastructure.

The PoINT Storage Manager is an HSM/ILM solution which automatically archives data based on prespecified rules. It does so by moving this data from primary storage systems to archive storage, while using a range of methods to ensure that users can still access it.

Both products help to archive huge volumes of data and meet compliance requirements in the fields of teaching and research.

Use PoINT Archival Gateway to transfer data from S3 to tape

Infographic of the software - PoINT Archival Gateway

The PoINT Archival Gateway (PAG) software solution receives large volumes of data from S3-compatible systems and applications and stores it on tape and optical systems with high-performance. This software product is designed to manage hundreds of petabytes of data. At the same time it`s made for protecting these data against manipulation and inadvertent deletion using retention management and WORM functionality. Archived data are protected within using user-specified time constraints for making it easy to meet industry-specific compliance guidelines. Performance levels are also outstanding: the solution is capable of reading and writing over one petabyte per day.

3-2-1 backup strategie

Safe means safe. The “3-2-1 rule” says that companies should always keep three copies of all data on two different media systems, with one copy held externally. The PoINT Archival Gateway lets you implement exactly this strategy, as the software converts from one medium to another (including removable media for off-site storage) when copying from systems such as NAS drives or object storage systems to tape or optical drives.

Max Planck Institute is convinced - put software through its paces

This is the cover of the case study between MPI and PoINT.

Prof. Dr. Mario Looso, Head of IT and Bioinformatics Facility at Max Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research: “Following a test phase in which we tested the software under every scenario we could think of, we were convinced by its wide range of functionality and ease of use thanks to its clear, intuitive GUI. Other advantages included the PoINT Storage Manager’s clear and easy-to-understand archiving and HSM rules, which can be modified and expanded as required.”

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PoINT Storage Manager amortized itself in the first year

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“As a result, the PoINT Storage Manager does exactly what we want, transparently moving more than two-thirds of the total data off our primary storage units. No alternative came close, since the biggest advantage with PoINT Software is that the user doesn’t even notice all of this.” Gerd Schmidt, Head of Technology at the Hof local authority. Also advantageous: The introduction has already amortized itself in the first year with regard to operating, maintenance and investment costs alone.

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<p>Siegen. The mobility service provider SIXT SE is using the PoINT Storage Manager to relieve the load on its primary storage system by moving seldom-used data to more cost-effective secondary storage. In doing so, the company is avoiding having to expand its primary storage and can make optimal use of its infrastructure.<br /><br />Home directories containing countless Excel, Word, PowerPoint, email, video and image files were located on primary NetApp MetroCluster systems at SIXT. In response, the company realised a hierarchical storage management (HSM) system to transfer inactive data from high-performance tier 1 storage clusters (NetApp FAS) to more cost-effective secondary storage (NetApp E-Series). However, users needed to retain read access to all of this data without having to first move it back to primary storage. SIXT found the right solution to this challenge in the Enterprise Edition of the PoINT Storage Manager from PoINT Storage &amp; Systems GmbH. The PoINT Storage Manager monitors how often users access data located on the primary storage level (tier 1). If a file is accessed only rarely &ndash; and if all of SIXT&rsquo;s other defined criteria are met &ndash; the software automatically transfers it to the next storage tier, which is more cost-effective. Users can still access files via primary storage as usual, thanks to so-called &ldquo;stubs&rdquo; which allow<br />users to read data even after it is moved without having to transfer it back to the high-performance storage system.<br />As a result, SIXT is able to minimise the storage space required on its primary system and reduce management work by automating the associated processes. Meanwhile, PoINT ensures that SIXT&rsquo;s storage infrastructure remains flexible, as it remains compatible with all available storage technology, regardless of the manufacturer.<br /><br />&ldquo;The PoINT Storage Manager makes data available for users to read even beyond the confines of the data centre,&rdquo; said Stefan Kerber, Head of Data Centre Management at SIXT. &ldquo;The software reliably meets our needs, so we are very satisfied with it. Aside from the intuitive installation and the actual functionality, we particularly appreciate PoINT Software &amp; Systems&rsquo; short lines of communication.&rdquo;<br /><br /></p> <p><a href="t3://file?uid=1250" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Press Release (PDF)</a></p>

SIXT revs up with the PoINT Storage Manager

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