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PoINT Storage Manager

PoINT Storage Manager

Data & Storage Management solution for migration and archiving of files to secondary and archive storage systems

PoINT Archival Gateway

PoINT Archival Gateway

Scalable and high-performance S3 object storage solution for storing huge amount of data on tape media

PoINT Data Replicator

PoINT Data Replicator

Software solution for replication of file systems and objects in an S3-based cloud/object storage

"Shaping digitization with sovereignty": BITMi position paper

Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand e. V. (BITMi)

As a member of the “Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand e.V.” (BITMi) PoINT supports the work and positions of BITMi. In its current position paper "Digitalisierung souverän gestalten" ("Shaping digitization with sovereignty"), the organization sets out the political significance of innovative IT solutions made in Germany and Europe. "No political sovereignty without digital sovereignty" is the association's thesis, because dependence on technologies from U.S. providers can cause problems not only in terms of data protection. In the event of political tension, the shutdown of certain services could be a threat, according to the statement.

You can read about the solutions proposed by BITMi to secure digital sovereignty and offer users a greater variety of services in the position paper here (available in German language only).

Tape Storage Council's 2022 Market Outlook: Ready for the Zettabyte Era with Tape Technology

Logo Tape Storage Council

Storage environment capacity requirements continue to increase, while the threat of ransomware continues to grow: Large amounts of data need to be stored cost-effectively and protected reliably. In addition, the issues of energy consumption and climate protection are increasingly coming to the fore, especially for large data centers.

In view of these developments, the Tape Storage Council emphasizes the importance of tape technology to meet these requirements in its latest market outlook. You can find more details here in the Tape Storage Council report.

Storage-Insider Readers' Choice Award 2022

Storage-Insider Readers' Choice Award 2022

PoINT is nominated in two categories at this year's Readers' Choice Award of Storage-Insider:


We are happy about the nomination and invite you to vote!

You can vote for your favorites here.

Podcast with PoINT: Use Cases and Advantages of Tape-based Object Storage

PoINT Archival Gateway - Tape-based S3 Object Storage

In the Storage Consortium Podcast, Thomas Thalmann talks with Norbert Deuschle about the challenges of data growth and object storage on tape. In just under 20 minutes, you will learn important details about the integration of tape libraries via the S3 interface, and about the typical use cases for a tape-based object store.

You can listen to the podcast here (only available in German).

Active Archive Alliance Blog: Tape-based object storage with intelligent tiering algorithms for active archives

Software-based Object Storage

Given the unrestrained data growth the concept of active archive faces challenges. To meet the requirements, it needs to combine different S3 storage classes.

In our article on the Active Archive Alliance blog, we explain how a software-based object store with intelligent tiering algorithms can serve as an active archive for very large data volumes.

Backup for Object Storage: PoINT Archival Gateway in Use at the European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI)

Case Study EMBL-EBI / PoINT Archival Gateway

EMBL’s European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) relies on PoINT Archival Gateway to additionally backup valuable research data from genomics projects from hard disk-based primary storage systems to tape. This ensures long-term and secure storage of the data. At the same time, the data is quickly available in case of a primary storage failure. In our tape-based object storage, the institute has found the ideal solution for backup and archiving: PoINT Archival Gateway uses the standardized S3 interface and delivers high write and read throughput. Due to scalability and economical hardware usage PoINT Archival Gateway offers future security and high investment protection.

For further information on the use of PoINT Archival Gateway at EMBL-EBI please refer to our current Case Study.


<p>Ettlingen/Siegen. The combination of Yowie Storage Appliances with PoINT Storage Manager is especially designed for the storage requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises. RNT Rausch and PoINT Software &amp; Systems provide a professional solution for storage management and legally compliant archiving already from a capacity of 32 TB.</p> <p>"PoINT Storage Manager perfectly complements our Yowie storage appliances," says Sebastian N&ouml;lting, CEO RNT Rausch. "Even for smaller data volumes, we can now offer a powerful solution for storage optimization and archiving."</p> <p>RNT Rausch offers individual server and storage solutions configured for the circumstances of its customers. The Yowie storage appliances were developed specifically for the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises looking for secure storage systems with data volumes up to 150 TB. Conventional storage solutions are designed to meet the requirements and data volumes of large enterprises. However, smaller businesses face the same challenges: Data must be archived in a legally compliant manner and reliably protected from loss &ndash; all while data volumes continue to grow and the threat of cybercrime increases.</p> <p>RNT Rausch Yowie storage appliances with pre-installed Cloudian HyperStore software are S3 compatible plug-and-play solutions. The compact appliances are quickly wired up and, thanks to the integrated installation wizard, can be up and running in no more than 30 minutes. The high-availability and high-performance storage systems are available from a capacity of 32 TB and are scalable up to 142 TB. This allows users to react flexibly to changing requirements.</p> <p>With the tiering and archiving solution PoINT Storage Manager, Yowie storage systems are seamlessly integrated into existing infrastructures as archive storage. This now also offers companies with smaller data volumes the opportunity for sustainable storage optimization. Based on previously defined rules PoINT Storage Manager automatically moves inactive data to the archive storage. There, PoINT Storage Manager protects the data against premature deletion and against modification, so that the requirements of legally compliant archiving are met. By reducing the amount of data on the primary storage systems, the backup volume is reduced at the same time. Here, users benefit from considerable cost and time savings.</p> <p>In the cooperation with RNT Rausch Sebastian Klee, Head of Sales &amp; Marketing at PoINT Software &amp; Systems, sees great advantages for a wide range of customers: "The new partnership with RNT Rausch makes our solution accessible to a new group of customers: We can, for example, also offer startups a cost-efficient solution for legally compliant archiving which helps them to reliably protect their data from the very beginning and which can flexibly grow with the companies and their requirements."</p> <p><strong>About RNT Rausch:</strong></p> <p>RNT Rausch is a Germany based technology pioneer with 20+ years of experience in the high-tech server and storage industry. The company rethinks future-proof server and storage solution designs that go hybrid and tackle business challenges to make SMBs, enterprises, data centres and service providers around the world fit for tomorrow&rsquo;s technical revolution. RNT offers tailor-made products and services that help customers enhance security, flexibility, scalability and sustainability.</p> <p>More than 30 employees are delivering targeted solutions with ultimate precision and manufactured to the highest quality. The company is headquartered in Ettlingen, Germany and has offices in Sweden and the UK.</p> <p><a class="pdf" href="t3://file?uid=2277">Press release (PDF)</a></p>

Professional Storage Management for SME: RNT Rausch and PoINT Software & Systems announce new partnership

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