Rules-compliant Storage

Efficient and cost-effective Storage for Banks and Financial Service Providers

Data is also generated in finance which makes auditable archiving neccessary.

The increasingly strict regulation of banks and financial services providers is also having an effect on their IT infrastructures. This is because many institutes are concentrating on implementing new regulations while letting technological concerns fade into the background.

 Meanwhile, the amount of data which banks and financial services providers need to process is rising dramatically. One reason for this is the rise of digitization as a result of expanding digital services as institutes work to meet customers’ expectations in this field and keep up with the competition. This creates a need for powerful storage infrastructure which still keeps costs and workloads under control.

The solution of choice here should be a multi-tier storage architecture which integrates seamlessly into the bank or financial service provider’s infrastructure while simultaneously ensuring fast, reliable access. A combination of flash, hard drive, (private) cloud, tape and optical storage, together with hierarchical storage management software which automatically transfers data as required, will produce a cost-effective, scalable storage platform which also complies with all of the necessary regulations. >>>

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