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Challenges of successful data migration

A data migration aims to transfer data quickly and reliably from one system to a new one. Every migration must be planned cautiously and with foresight:


This is where the greatest challenges for a data migration arise. At the same time, a migration project holds a lot of potential for improvement:

Storage Migration

As part of a storage migration, old storage systems and/or storage media are replaced by new ones. The data must be moved from the old to the new systems.

This particular example shows why data migrations are unavoidable:

Optimization potential for the storage infrastructure

A data migration provides an opportunity to optimize the entire storage infrastructure. When preparing for migration, check which data is active and which is inactive.

Often, inactive, cold data occupies valuable resources on expensive primary storage. This data is only accessed in exceptional cases. Nevertheless, it must be retained due to legal or corporate regulations. This data can be moved to less expensive secondary storage and archived there. This frees up capacity on primary storage.

The principle of Information Lifecycle Management takes into account the lifecycle of files - from their creation, through the hot and warm, to the cold phase. For this purpose, we recommend a hierarchical storage architecture consisting of primary and secondary storage. Appropriate data and storage management makes optimal use of storage and ensures regulatory compliance.

If you discuss these considerations in the context of a planned data migration, you have the chance to optimize your storage infrastructure and improve the utilization of storage systems in the same course.

With our free File System Analyzer tool, you can check how much storage space inactive data occupies on your primary storage systems.

Storage Migration as a Project

In order to take advantage of the positive effects of a migration, it must be prepared with a great deal of care. A project plan helps with the realization.

Software for successful storage migration

Suitable software supports you in the realization of the storage migration:

Data/Storage Migration with PoINT Software Solutions

PoINT's software solutions can be used to cover different use cases of a data migration.

Transparent file migration from primary storage systems to secondary or archive storage:
PoINT Storage Manager performs an automated file migration. Based on individually defined rules, the software transfers files from primary storage to secondary and archive storage systems. Users can still access the moved files transparently.

Archive migration:
For legal or business reasons, a lot of data needs to be retained for long periods of time. Due to the limited lifetime of storage systems, a migration of archived files may become necessary during the retention periods. PoINT Storage Manager migrates the files from the old archive storage system to a new storage system.
This archive migration is performed completely in the background, the target system is integrated quickly and seamlessly. Possible interruptions of operations are reduced to an absolute minimum.

File-to-Object Migration:
PoINT Data Replicator is our software solution for S3 replication which also supports you with special requirements in migration projects: Thus, PoINT Data Replicator allows you to migrate file systems to cloud and object storage. The original path of the file is used as object key to ensure transparent access.

Object-to-Object Migration:
With the help of PoINT Data Replicator reliable migrations of object data between any S3 buckets can be performed. This functionality supports you e.g. in data management in the hybrid cloud, and in backup of valuable cloud and object data to an independent storage system.

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