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Presentation: Cloud/Object-based Storage with HSM/ILM in S3 Storage Classes

The talk takes a look at a significant and increasingly pressing problem: The growth of inactive unstructured data. Thomas Thalmann shows how this challenge can be solved with the help of HSM/ILM in combination with cloud/object-based technologies. Numerous advantages in terms of costs, data security and scalability are offered by the integration of different S3 storage classes with the use of tape storage systems protected by erasure coding. (Available in German only.)

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Presentation: Tape-based Object Storage as S3 Storage Class and Cloud Backup

Cloud and object-based storage is gaining in importance because it is easy to integrate and avoids many of the disadvantages of traditional file systems. Cloud providers and manufacturers of object storage systems today predominantly use hard disks as storage media. The extremely increasing data volumes stored on these systems lead to requirements for tiering (e.g. of inactive data) and protection (e.g. against ransomware) in an S3 storage class that is both economical and secure. Tape-based object storage is particularly suited for this purpose. The presentation discusses the technical concept and advantages of this approach. (Available in German only.)

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Informatique News: Interview with Thomas Thalmann

In an interview with Guy Hervier of Informatique News, Thomas Thalmann explains how our software solutions help companies optimize their storage infrastructure and achieve significant savings through intelligent data and storage management.

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