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How secure is the cloud?

Wie sicher ist die Cloud?

Data storage in the cloud provides numerous benefits. The use of cloud services promises a high degree of flexibility. Optimized integration of cloud services can help to increase efficiency, especially if a company can compensate for fluctuations with the flexible scalability of cloud offerings. Cloud storage can also usefully supplement the backup strategy and provide additional protection against data loss in the company's own, on-prem infrastructure.

So more and more companies are turning to cloud storage. However, data security is all too often neglected in this context.

Security risks in the cloud

Cloud service providers must comply with security standards. However, this does not relieve users from the responsibility to additionally ensure the security of their data themselves. After all, data in the cloud must also be protected against the known threats:

Your data is the key...

Conclusion: The high availability of storage systems must not be confused with data security. Even the data that is stored in the cloud to improve efficiency must be secured by a backup. After all, anyone who relies on the cloud as the sole storage location for important and sensitive data accepts the risk of irretrievable data loss. This always means: loss of time and experience.

Cost-efficient backup for cloud data

Anyone who relies on cloud services is usually counting on the related savings potential. Therefore, a backup solution for your cloud data must also be convincing in terms of costs.

As the classic backup medium, tape is suitable for the cost-efficient storage of large volumes of data. Tape technology offers numerous advantages:

Air Gap


Tape is therefore the ideal backup medium for large data volumes. It enables inexpensive data storage and secure, fast access in the event that lost data needs to be restored.

PoINT Archival Gateway: Tape-based Object Storage as Backup for your cloud data

PoINT Archival Gateway is a software-based object storage which supports tape libraries and writes object data to tape via the standardized S3 interface. Our software thus enables the integration of an additional S3 storage class on which data can be stored in a particularly cost-efficient way.

PoINT Archival Gateway, single node configuration

PoINT Data Replicator performs an automatic asynchronous data replication to PoINT Archival Gateway, so that your cloud data is always backed up in the form of an independent 1:1 copy.


Detailed information about PoINT Archival Gateway can be found in our Technical White Paper.

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