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Case Study

Case Study EMBL-EBI / PoINT Archival Gateway


EMBL’s European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) stores research data and compressed data of less than 1MB up to 100GB in size, with a current dataset of approximately 50PB. Backup and long-term archiving data is written to tape. The previous in-house  solution wrote the data from object storage to a disk file system and then to tape media. However, this approach did not provide sufficient performance for the growing data volumes. Moreover only 90% of the tape’s capacity was utilized. With the introduction of PoINT Archival Gateway, the research institute now has a high-performance and cost-effective solution to write data directly to tape via the standardized S3 interface and to cope with the data growth.

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  • Backup and long-term archiving of object data on tape
  • Scalability for constantly growing data stocks
  • High performance and capacity requirements

Solution - PoINT Archival Gateway

  • Standardized S3 interface instead of S3 Glacier commands
  • Native tape integration
  • Node-based software solution for high scalability and flexibility


  • Cost efficiency through economical use of hardware
  • High-performance and flexible storage solution for backup and archiving
  • S3 data stream without hard disk buffer directly to tape
  • Hardware and vendor independent