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Cloud and Object Storage Integration

Active and inactive data

As data volumes continue to grow, so do the demands on storage strategy. New analytics options make the mass collection of unstructured data increasingly attractive. IoT applications also generate high volumes of data.

However, most of this data is inactive: it is cold data that is misplaced on performant primary storage systems.

Cloud and Object Storage for unstructured data

For the storage and management of this unstructured, inactive data, companies need to rethink their approach.

This is where cloud storage can be interesting:


Object storage on on-premises storage media is also a cost-effective solution for companies to store inactive, unstructured data.

Whether to choose an on-premises solution or an off-premises solution depends on a variety of factors.

Off-premises: Storage in the cloud

  • particularly suitable for data that does not need to be accessed regularly
  • low maintenance effort


On-premises: management in the local object storage

  • if applications need to access data frequently
  • more individual customization possible
  • data sovereignty guaranteed


There is a wide range of conceivable models, both demand-driven and hybrid.

Cloud and Object Store Integration

The various storage media and storage technologies must be integrated into the existing storage infrastructure. A reliable software solution for storage and data management handles this.

In order for companies to benefit from the advantages of the different storage technologies within a hybrid storage infrastructure, such software must meet complex requirements:


PoINT's software solutions enable the seamless integration of cloud and object storage into an existing storage infrastructure. The decisive factors here are standardization and vendor independence. This gives companies maximum flexibility in selecting and assembling hardware for a multi-tiered storage architecture.

PoINT Storage Manager: Policy-based File Tiering and Archiving to Cloud and Object Storage

Diese Grafik zeigt, wie File Archivierung umgesetzt werden kann.

PoINT Storage Manager enables the integration of cloud and object storage into your existing infrastructure.


Cloud and object storage systems are integrated via connectors and can also easily be combined with NAS, tape and optical systems.

Certified cloud and object storage

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Caringo Swarm
  • Cloudian HyperStore
  • Hitachi Content Platform (HCP)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • NetApp StorageGRID Webscale
  • ObjectMatrix MatrixStore
  • Quantum ActiveScale
  • Scaleway Object Storage
  • Scality Ring
  • RSTOR Space
  • SUSE Enterprise Storage
  • Wasabi Cloud Object Storage

PoINT Archival Gateway: Secure and cost-efficient archiving of data volumes in the petabyte range

Big data and analytics applications often generate data volumes in the petabyte range. This data is usually backed up on fast, hard disk-based object storage systems. But often this is neither necessary nor economically viable.

Tape as a storage medium is the right choice for cost- and energy-efficient storage and archiving of large volumes of data. Our tape-based object storage PoINT Archival Gateway allows the integration of tape libraries as additional S3 storage class.


Our solution thus combines the advantages of object storage systems with the security and cost efficiency of tape as a storage medium.

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