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PACS Archiving in the Healthcare Sector

Archive and protect sensitive patient data

Die Archivierung medizinischer Daten können Krankenhäuser mit dem PSM gut umsetzen.

Electronic archiving of medical documents requires special care. The IT departments of clinics and healthcare facilities face major challenges here.

Legally Compliant Archiving in Hospitals with PoINT Solutions

Our software solutions support hospitals and health care facilities in storing and archiving this sensitive data.


Case Study: Diakonie in Südwestfalen gGmbH

With the introduction of PoINT Storage Manager, Diakonie in Südwestfalen benefits from the advantages of a multi-tier storage architecture. Different data, e.g. from operation robots, radiology, PACS and mammography screening, are archived by PoINT Storage Manager in a policy-based and legally compliant way on the particularly cost-efficient storage medium tape. The solution is scalable and therefore offers a high level of future proofness.

"In addition to expanding from one archive (PACS) to four archives, we were able to decouple applications and archiving. We now have more functions available for archiving. For future extensions we remain flexible into all directions with PoINT Storage Manager."

- Hans-Georg Ommer, Head of Technical IT at Diakonie in Südwestfalen gGmbH

More details in our Case Study

Case Study: Diakonie in Südwestfalen gGmbH

Case Study: DRK Krankenhaus Chemnitz-Rabenstein

The complex requirements of the Hospital "DRK Krankenhaus Chemnitz-Rabenstein" were solved with PoINT Storage Manager: First, older image data from existing primary storage systems were moved to tape and archived there.

In a second step PoINT Storage Manager migrated the data of the primary storage systems to new systems. The data is now stored within a tiered storage architecture. With PoINT Storage Manager users have continuous transparent access to the data throughout the migration and archiving process.

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The first page of this case study shows the entrance of the DRK hospital Chemnitz Rabenstein which use our software for data archiving.

Case Study: St. Augustinus Kliniken

St. Augustinus Hospital near Düsseldorf uses PoINT Storage Manager to move inactive data from high performance storage systems to the secondary storage tier. For additional security, our software replicates the data on tape. If older data is needed for diagnostic purposes, it can be retrieved from the archive storage. They are not stored back on the primary storage.

Thus, St. Augustinus Kliniken were able to optimize the use of their storage systems with the help of PoINT Storage Manager and benefit from cost and time savings.

Detailed information in the case study


Seite eins der Cas Study der St. Augustinuskliniken zeigt einen Krankenhauseingang. Kliniken führen individuelles Information lifecycle management durch.

PoINT software solutions offer a mature functionality for legally compliant archiving of PACS and important patient data:


"Medical data requires legally compliant archiving. Our software PoINT Storage Manager is designed for long and secure data storage and easily meets the necessary compliance requirements", says Gundolf Gremler, CTO at PoINT.

With the help of our products, hospitals optimize their storage infrastructure – for a better use of existing resources and the integration of cost-efficient storage technologies. Our solutions integrate different storage classes and tiers into an optimized storage infrastructure. Within such a multi-tier storage architecture, the storage system that is best suited for the respective purpose is used at each storage tier.


The end users in the specialist departments - doctors, therapists, laboratory staff - have transparent read access to the archived documents. The familiar workflows remain unchanged.

Data growth and long-term archiving: Tape as a storage medium

The healthcare sector is particularly affected by data growth:


The storage medium tape is recommended for long-term storage of these large data volumes:


Our software solutions seamlessly integrate tape into the storage infrastructure and manage the long-term, legally compliant archiving of sensitive data.

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