Case Study

EUROIMMUN AG had already been using the PoINT Storage Manager software to transfer and Archive data for several years. Image data was previously the major drain on valuable primary storage space: these images are unalterable and must remain accessible to employees. This is why, based on its own specific rules, EUROIMMUN AG now moves this data to a subsidiary storage level within its two-tier HSM architecture.


"Since adopting the software, we don’t need to worry about archiving any more. This is what makes the PoINT Storage Manager the right solution for us. It’s quick and easy to install and moves cold data to secondary storage, while still leaving this data available as a stub on the primary storage system. As far as our users are concerned, nothing changes."

- Niklas Wiegmann, IT system administrator for computing, hardware and networking, EUROIMMUN AG

Case Study (Download)


  • Transfer and archive data based on company-specific rules
  • Read archived data without taking up primary storage space
  • Primary storage must have transparent access to data after it is moved

Solution - PoINT Storage Manager

  • Inactive data moved based on predefined rules
  • Read access without moving data back to primary storage
  • Stubbing enables transparent access to files


  • Reduced load on primary storage
  • Save time and money by minimizing backup sizes
  • Fast, intuitive administration