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Long-term archiving

Unabhängiges Daten Management hilft auch den  Forschern in diesem Labor.

Data is an important resource: it stores valuable knowledge and experience. Archives in particular, but also research institutions and media companies, are confronted with the issue of electronic long-term archiving. After all, data, documents and recordings are stored here for decades.

What are the criteria for long-term preservation? What challenges are involved in designing digital archives?

Long-Term Archiving with PoINT Software Solutions

Research institutions, archives and media companies use our software solutions for long-term storage of unique data and secure archiving of documents.

Case Study: EMBL European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI)

The EMBL European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) currently stores approximately 50PB of research data. The data is stored on tape for backup and long-term archiving.

The institute uses our tape-based object storage system PoINT Archival Gateway. PoINT Archival Gateway receives the data via the standardized S3 interface and writes it directly to tape. Thus, the research institute has a high-performance, cost-efficient and scalable solution and is prepared for further data growth.

Detailed information in the case study

Case Study EMBL-EBI / PoINT Archival Gateway

Case Study: Max Planck Institute Bad Nauheim

The data volume at the Max Planck Institute in Bad Nauheim is in the petabyte range. The majority of the measuring data only needs to be accessed sporadically. Therefore, the institute relies on a multi-tier storage architecture consisting of primary and secondary storage.

Our software PoINT Storage Manager automatically moves data to the secondary storage tier where tape storage systems are used. PoINT Storage Manager offers special functions for secure long-term archiving of this data, while at the same time ensuring that users continue to have seamless and transparent read access to the data.

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This is the preview image for the case study with MPI, which used the PSM.

Case Study: Belgischer Rundfunk (BRF)

The Belgian Broadcasting Center of the German-speaking Community (Belgischer Rundfunk, BRF) has extensive media resources. Older recordings were still stored on tapes and cassettes; they were digitized and stored on hard drives for archiving. However, with increasing volumes of large audio and video data, costs became an issue.

With the help of PoINT Storage Manager, BRF now archives older digitized content on tape in a long-term and cost-effective manner.

"PoINT's software meets all of our requirements, and it was the most cost-effective option. The data is saved in a non-proprietary format and the system is fully transparent for the applications used to access the files. It does exactly what we need while still being easy to use."

– Marc Schiffler, head of production and technology, BRF

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Case Study Belgischer Rundfunk

PoINT's proven archiving solutions provide the key functions for building digital archives and reliable long-term electronic archiving of important data. With PoINT Storage Manager and PoINT Archival Gateway, companies and institutions can cover different use cases, archive their valuable data securely and meet compliance requirements. At the same time, users can quickly access the archived documents and files. This ensures that the data remains readable and usable for further analysis in the future.


Durable media for long-term archives

Tape is the ideal storage medium for long-term archives:


PoINT's archiving solutions seamlessly integrate tape storage technology into the infrastructure. The storage is manufacturer-independent according to standards, so that files and documents remain readable and usable in the future.

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