Reduce Complexity of Archiving

IT for Service Providers: Increase Efficiency and Utility, Reduce Costs

In large data centers like this could Archive-as-a-Service is helpfully.

Customers are at the center of everything service providers do. Making sure that this remains true in the future requires IT solutions that allow you to provide service that will convince the customers in the future. Reducing costs, increasing efficiency, improving utility and reducing complexity: these are the challenges service providers face.

Over the last few years, storage systems have acquired extremely high significance within businesses’ IT infrastructure. Constantly rising data volumes mean stricter demands as well – which makes it increasingly important to find the perfect balance between stability, efficiency, flexibility, scalability and complexity while also meeting critical requirements set by legislators, customers, suppliers and large industry associations. Nowhere is this more relevant than in the field of secure archiving.

The ideal solution here is a multi-tier storage architecture which integrates seamlessly into a business’ infrastructure and which ensures fast, reliable access. A combination of flash, hard drive, (private) cloud, tape and optical storage, together with hierarchical storage management software which automatically transfers data as required, results in a cost-effective, stringent, scalable storage platform which also fulfils all archiving requirements. >>>

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