Case Study

Home directories, containing large amounts of unstructured data at the mobility service provider SIXT SE were located on primary storage systems. To counter this situation, the mobility company chose the PoINT Storage Manager (PSM) software, which reduces the load on such storage systems by moving seldom-used data elsewhere. However, users still need access to this data once it has been moved. To meet this need, the PSM enables transparent read access even outside of the data centre.

The graphic shows how SIXT does automated file tiering.

"The PoINT Storage Manager makes data available for users to read even beyond the confines of the data centre. The PSM reliably meets our needs, so we are very satisfied with the software. Aside from the intuitive installation and the actual functionality, we particularly appreciate PoINT Software & Systems’ short lines of communication."

- Stefan Kerber, Head of Data Centre Management at SIXT

Case Study (Download)


  • Reduce load on primary storage
  • Relocate unstructured data
  • Improve cost efficiency

Solution - PoINT Storage Manager

  • Automatic file tiering
  • Access relocated data via primary storage
  • Read access without restore to primary storage


  • Reduce costs
  • Efficient data management
  • Minimise amount of data required on primary storage