Belgischer Rundfunk (BRF)
Case Study

Case Study Belgischer Rundfunk (BRF)


PoINT Storage Manager is helping BRF, a German-language broadcast center in Belgium, to meet the challenges of digitization. Until recently, BRF's broadcast center still held many old recordings on tapes and cassettes. Initially, this media archive was digitized entirely on hard disks, but as the amount of audio and video data grew and grew, the cost of this approach started to cause problems. Instead, BRF now archives old content on tape once more – but now in digital format, with the help of the PoINT Storage  Manager. PoINT’s software integrates the tape library seamlessly into BRF's existing storage infrastructure, enabling transparent access to archived files.

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  • Digitize large numbers of audio and video recordings
  • Transparent access to archived recordings
  • Scalable storage system as data volumes continue to grow
  • Protect against hardware and software outages

Solution - PoINT Storage Manager

  • Implement a hierarchical storage management solution with the help of the PoINT Storage Manager
  • Integrate an LTO-8 tape library as the archive storage
  • Automatically archive old recordings


  • Reduced load on hard disk system
  • Reduced costs using tape as the archive storage medium
  • Solution can be expanded as data volumes continue to grow
  • Reliable access options in case of outages