DRK Krankenhaus Chemnitz-Rabenstein
Case Study

The graph shows how the clinic outsources their medical data.


The hospital "DRK Krankenhaus Chemnitz-Rabenstein" had implemented a two tiered HSM architecture by PoINT Storage Manager. Within this architecture data can be archived in an automated manner to cost-effective secondary storage and thus expensive primary storage can be off-loaded. Furthermore the backup-volume is decreased significantly by the archiving process whereby cost can be saved and backup-windows can be met. By the built-in migration functionality of PoINT Storage Manager the migration of the remaining data to the new SAS storage system was carried out transparently and without any business interruption.

Case Study (Download)


  • Archiving of PACS data from the iSCSI hard disk system to 48-slot tape library
  • Chronological data gradually stored on tape
  • Transparent and uninterruptible migration to the the new primary storage

Solution- PoINT Storage Manager


  • Implementation of a two tiered HSM architecture based on PoINT Storage Manager
  • Automated archiving from an iSCSI based hard disk system to a 48-slot tape library
  • Data archived gradually on tape


  • Data of the primary storage is being migrated to the new SAS storage by built-in migration functionality of PoINT Storage Manager
  • Archived data can be accessed via the primary storage system by "stubs" and selective re-storing on demand


  • Efficient use of primary storage by migration of inactive data
  • All data permanently available by file system access to primary storage
  • Cost and time savings through reduced data volume and backup time of the primary storage
  • Data Secuirty by using different storage technologies within the archive tier
  • Transparent migration without significant downtime