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Case Study

The Swiss financial institution PostFinance AG has more than 1 PB of data saved to a highly available hard drive-based object storage system. In order to improve its data security, PostFinance adopted an automatic data replication solution using the tape-based PoINT Archival Gateway. Data is replicated automatically and redundantly to two independent tape libraries. Thanks to the PoINT Archival Gateway's native S3 API, the solution integrates seamlessly into the company's existing infrastructure. Most importantly, it means that PostFinance has easy access to the backup in case of emergency. The PoINT Archival Gateway is fully capable of flexibly expanding the system’s current capacity of 2.4 PB without relying on any individual vendor.

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PostFinance AG Case Study

"With the PoINT Archival Gateway, we are replicating our archive data on tape, improving our data security. In the first three months, we backed up around 20 million objects in this way. Thanks to the standard interface, we can easily integrate the PoINT Archival Gateway into our existing storage infrastructure. By using tape as an additional S3 storage class, we have been able to massively improve our security design."

- Andreas Christen, Technology & IT Infrastructure Data of PostFinance AG

Case Study (Download)


  • Reduce risk of data loss
  • Improve data security by keeping a separate copy
  • Cost-effective storage

Solution - PoINT Archival Gateway

  • Add an additional S3 storage class
  • Automatically and asynchronously replicate data at the object level
  • Access backup copy using native S3 API
  • Scale capacity, performance and security as needed


  • Minimized risk of data loss
  • Cost-effective storage using tape technology
  • Flexible and easy expansion
  • Protect investments with a vendor-independent software solution