PoINT Data and Storage Management Software

PoINT Storage Manager – Enterprise Edition

PoINT Storage Manager is an archival software which maintains a tiered storage architecture and migrates and archives inactive data to suitable secondary storage. This intelligent data and storage management software is independent of a specific technology or manufacturer and supports hard disk, tape, optical, cloud storage and object storage. Users can implement a hybrid cloud storage infrastructure using storage technologies optimally and optimizing the storage infrastructure.

PoINT Storage Manager – Archive Edition

PoINT Storage Manager - Archive Edition is best suited for HSM archiving from Windows NTFS based storage systems. As archival storage HD NAS systems, optical libraries and tape loaders are supported. Also this edition is manufacturer independent since storage systems of all established manufacturer can be used.

PoINT Storage Manager – Migration Edition

A storage migration is necessary when storage systems become obsolete or when support contracts are expiring. To ensure uninterruptible business operations and workflows  during a storage system migration PoINT offers a Migration Edition of PoINT Storage Manager. The „old“ storage system can be changed against the „new“ system even during running operations, all within the scope of a unique file system migration. 

PoINT Jukebox Manager - File System for Optical

PoINT Jukebox Manager is a software solution to securely store data on optical media in jukeboxes and single drives, including automated media quality check. High data availability is provided by media copies, media mirroring and server clustering.

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