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Tape-based S3 Object Storage
PoINT Archival Gateway

PoINT Archival Gateway

In today's world, data is being generated faster and faster, and in increasingly larger volumes – especially in fields like research, media or diagnostics. The PoINT Archival Gateway, a software product that securely stores large volumes of data on tape storage systems at high transfer rates and in compliance with regulations, solves the resulting problem of storing and archiving all of this data.

High Performance Object Storage

Infographic of the software - PoINT Archival Gateway

The PoINT Archival Gateway is a software-based, high-performance object storage system and supports tape libraries. This combination makes it possible to store and archive hundreds of petabytes of data. The decisive factor that makes this possible is the way the PoINT Archival Gateway quickly receives data and securely writes it to storage media in a format that means this data can also be quickly read again afterwards. The PoINT Archival Gateway high level of scalability means it can handle transfer rates of over 1 PB per day.

Das Dashboard der Big Data Storage Lösung gibt z.B. Überblick über Kapazitäten, Objektanzahl und Performancewerten.


The PoINT Archival Gateway offers a standardized S3 REST API for applications needing to archive data. This makes the software suitable for use with the rapidly rising number of applications that support object-based storage using S3 REST. The PoINT Archival Gateway's design is independent of the storage technology or system used, meaning that users can choose and swap out such systems with confidence. The PoINT Archival Gateway's highly scalable S3 REST web service enables almost unlimited parallelization and very high data transfer rates.

High Availability

Other key properties of the PoINT Archival Gateway are the system’s high stability, as well as its ability to both protect data and keep it available. Data security is ensured thanks to a modern “erasure coding” process. This saves data blocks redundantly on multiple media, meaning that data is not lost even if one medium fails. Redundant server nodes automatically managed by PoINT Archival Gateway mean that the server systems running the PoINT Archival Gateway remain stable.

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Use Cases

Backup for an Object Storage

Object Storage Backup

The challenge

  • Minimize risk of data loss
  • Increase data security through independent copying
  • Cost-efficient storage
  • Support for e.g. Cloudian HyperStore, IBM COS or NetApp StorageGRID as source device


The solution with PoINT Archival Gateway

  • Integration of an additional S3 storage class
  • Automatic asynchronous data replication on object level
  • Access to backup copy via native S3 API
  • Scale capacity, performance and security as needed


The benefits

  • Minimization of data loss risks
  • Cost-effective storage on tape technology
  • Flexible and simple expansion options
  • Investment protection through manufacturer-independent software  solution

Kubernetes Environment

Archiving from Kubernetes Cluster via S3

The challenge

  • Archiving workloads from Kubernetes Cluster via S3
  • Data volume in high three-digit PB range
  • Long-term preservation and high demands on data protection
  • Multiple vendor support incl. support for LTO and 3592 drives
  • High Performance for read and write access


The solution – PoINT Archival Gateway

  • Tape-based object storage for low cost storage
  • Native S3 interface including versioning
  • Scale-out architecture with unlimited storage space
  • Logical partitioning for workload requirements
  • WORM and retention management
  • Read and write performance with at least 1 PB a week


The benefits

  • Compatibility with any S3 client
  • Workload specific configuration on bucket or partition level
  • Scalable by nodes, drives, slots and media
  • Software defined for independence and sustainable planning
  • No vendor and technology lock-in

Big Data / Analytics

Archiving from Hadoop Infrastructure via S3

The challenge

  • Archiving workloads from Hadoop Infrastructure via S3
  • Data volume in high PB range
  • High Performance for read and write access (>1PB/day)
  • Support for 64 drives in parallel

The solution – PoINT Archival Gateway (OEM)

  • Object storage on optical
  • Native S3 interface including versioning
  • Scale-out architecture with unlimited storage space
  • Logical partitioning for workload requirements
  • Write performance >1PB/day

The benefits

  • Compatibility with Hadoop S3 client
  • WORM protection
  • Easy extensions with nodes, drives, slots and media
  • Multi-library and multi-drives support



PoINT Archival Gateway fulfils archiving and compliance requirements thanks to WORM functionality and integrated retention management. As a result, saved data is protected not just against unintended deletion, but also manipulation (e.g. from ransomware attacks).

Data and Mangement Security

The system’s approach to data and management security is made possible by user and permission management concept. Access rights can be assigned for these guidelines. To this end, the administrative interface provides functionality for creating local security guidelines for users and groups. The system can also inherit external guidelines from an Active Directory domain.

Tape Libraries

The PoINT Archival Gateway supports a wide range of tape libraries, and PoINT works closely with leading manufacturers. As a result, the list of supported products is being expanded all the time. The PoINT Archival Gateway directly supports and integrates tape libraries. No additional drivers or software products are required.

Benefits and Advantages

  • The PoINT Archival Gateway’s high-performance data transfer means that storage and archiving jobs can be completed very quickly. Saved data can also be accessed quickly when needed. This saves time and therefore money as well.
  • Tape technology is highly cost-effective when used to save and archive large amounts of data. Compared with hard disk-based systems with comparable capacity, for example, the price per terabyte and the costs of operation in terms of energy requirements are very low. This means that the investment costs are also low, compared with other systems.
  • The PoINT Archival Gateway is independent of any storage system manufacturer. Users can work with whatever storage system they need without having to make additional modifications to the software. This ensures a high level of protection for your investment and avoids the cost of complex migrations.
  • The S3 REST interface included with the PoINT Archival Gateway presents a future-proof approach, in contrast to proprietary solutions. This means that your investments are protected.
  • As well as protecting your data (e.g. against ransomware attacks), the PoINT Archival Gateway’s archiving functions also help ensure compliance with laws and regulations. This minimizes the risk of legal disputes and helps meet your compliance requirements.

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