Daimler AG
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Daimler steht in großen schwarzen Buchstaben auf weißem Hintergund geschrieben.
Grafik Daimler

The Daimler AG has introduced an enterprise-wide tiered storage architecture using PoINT Storage Manager. The software automatically stores inactive data from their primary storage systems in a central private cloud environment, reducing the load on existing primary storage facilities in individual locations while also significantly reducing the size of data backups. Overall, the solution realized a significant cost and time saving mainly by reducing the volume of primary storage in use in the individual locations.

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  • Cost and time savings by reducing the volume of inactive data on primary storage systems in world-wide locations
  • Centralized storage of inactive data in a private cloud system
  • Transparent access to all data through primary storage systems
  • Primary storage migrations
  • No vendor lock-in


  • Policy-based and automated file tiering from primary storage systems from different vendors to a central object storage system (private cloud)
  • Transparent file access to tiered files through the primary storage systems
  • “Pass Through on Read” functionality to prevent restore of archived file to primary storage systems
  • Continuous operation during replacement of storage systems by background migration


  • Efficient use of NetApp FAS system by recovering valuable primary storage space
  • Fulfillment of archiving and compliance requirements
  • Shrunken backup window
  • Reduced capital expenses
  • Native integration of NetApp storage