IBM meets PoINT

IBM meets PoINT

Move your Tape Library to the next level!

In the object storage sector, backup and archiving are facing to special challenges. Often data volumes in the high PB range must be backed up. In research institutions, for example, large quantities of measurement and multimedia data are arising. This data must be reliably protected against loss and archived for the long term. For backup and archiving, tape is a suitable cost-effective and secure storage medium. PoINT Archival Gateway is a tape-based S3 object storage, which allows the integration of LTO and IBM 3592 drives into an existing storage infrastructure.




Move your Tape Library to the next level!


Move your Tape Library to the next level:

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Use Cases

Backup for your Object Storage

Backup for your Object Storage

PoINT Archival Gateway enables backup and archiving via S3, e.g. from an object storage like IBM COS or from a Kubernetes cluster to tape. The software solution is flexibly scalable and can be integrated seamlessly and vendor-independent into an existing storage infrastructure. In this way, it supports users in the sustainable planning of the infrastructure.
Due to the high performance for read and write accesses, PoINT Archival Gateway can be used as backup target for hard disk based disk-based S3 object storage. On the other hand PoINT Archival Gateway can be integrated into a multi-tier storage architecture as archive storage to relieve primary storage and to reduce the backup volume. The solution offers additional protection for valuable data by WORM function and retention management.

Data Lake

The requirements concerning storage solutions for analytics applications are complex: The large data volumes call for high speed in writing and reading. At the same time, the infrastructure must be scalable and cost-effective.
PoINT Archival Gateway offers the ideal storage solution for this use case. The software-based object storage stores data volumes of more than 1PB per day via the standardized S3 REST API directly on tape. Thus, PoINT Archival Gateway supports you in implementing a data lake concept. The valuable data is stored cost efficiently and at high performance rates. High access speeds ensure quick and reliable availability for analysis purposes.

Cold S3 Storage Class

With PoINT Archival Gateway you can meet the challenges of the continuous growth of unstructured data. Our tape-based object storage offers the possibility to seamlessly integrate a cost-effective S3 storage class into the existing storage infrastructure. PoINT Archival Gateway writes large amounts of data with high performance values directly to tape. The data is stored with WORM protection and retention management. Thus, your data is archived safely in the long term and in compliance with legal requirements.


  • Integration of tape libraries via the standardized S3 REST API
  • High read and write performance (over 1 PB per day)
  • Logical partitioning for workload requirements
  • Erasure Coding


  • Cost-efficient solution with tape, for backup and tiering
  • Investment protection through use of existing infrastructure
  • Vendor independent and scalable
  • High performance for writing and reading


With almost 70 years of experience in delivering tape-based storage technology, IBM Storage solutions deliver the scalability, security
and ease-of-use that organizations need to manage the massive volumes of data that have become common today. The IBM TS4300 Tape Library delivers a highly scalable, modular option that can expand as data storage requirements grow, while helping to avoid the costs of additional data center space and related utilities required to manage other, more expensive storage options.

The IBM TS4500 Tape Library is a next-generation storage solution designed to help mid-sized and large enterprises respond to cloud storage challenges. The IBM TS4500 can support either IBM Enterprise or LTO Formats or both within the same library and can expand to provide capacity to store up to an exabyte of storage.

The latest Enterprise Tape Drive is the IBM TS1160 which provides organizations an easy way to deliver fast access to data, improve security and cost-effective long-term data retention infrastructure. TS1160 offers high-performance, improved capacity, flexible data storage with support for data encryption. The IBM TS1160 now offers Fibre Channel and SAS interfaces, helping to protect investments in tape automation by offering compatibility with existing automation.

Why PoINT Archival Gateway

PoINT Archival Gateway is a software-based and high-performance object storage supporting tape libraries. This combination allows to store and archive data volumes in the three-digit petabyte range without any problems.
PoINT Archival Gateway receives the data volumes quickly and writes them securely to the tape media. The software solution also ensures that the data can be read again with high performance.

PoINT Archival Gateway

• Transfer rates of more than 1 PB per day
• High scalability
• Wide range of applications through standardized S3 REST API
• Vendor-independent: support for LTO and IBM 3592 libraries
• Reliability e.g. through redundant server nodes ensures data protection and availability
• Data security through modern "Erasure Coding" procedures

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