Hammerspace and PoINT

Hammerspace meets PoINT

Hammerspace meets PoINT

With increasing data volumes, organizations are looking for cost effective solutions to store data for the long term as well as to retain a copy of specific data sets. At the same time, the need to have a global view of all data - regardless of storage type, location, or on-prem or in the cloud - calls for a new way to address data management. The integration of PoINT Archival Gateway and Hammerspace Data Orchestration brings together the economic and technical benefits of a tape-based S3 object storage and a unified, global data environment.

The S3-to-tape solution PoINT Archival Gateway offers a highly scalable object storage that leverages the economic and ecological benefits of tape. Thus it meets the requirements for long-term archiving and cybercrime protection. PoINT Archival Gateway provides the characteristic advantages and security features of object storage, such as erasure coding, tagging and object locking in combination with tape. Additionally, PoINT Archival Gateway operates with only a small footprint: data is stored via S3 directly on tape, without the need for a hard disk buffer. The software supports all available tape storage products and tape formats (LTO, IBM) and is independent of storage hardware. The combination of PoINT Archival Gateway and Hammerspace Data Orchestration meets the requirements of long-term archiving, data protection and cost efficiency.

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Hammerspace is a powerful scale-out software solution designed to automate unstructured data orchestration and global file access across storage from any vendor at the edge, in data centers, and the cloud. Hammerspace makes data a global resource, so IT staff can automate data orchestration by policy, but without interrupting user access. It enables organizations to extend the life of existing storage resources to reduce costs, while also enabling the flexibility of hybrid-cloud and multi-site use cases seamlessly.

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