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Case Study

Three computers build the first storage tier, the second tier consits out of the PSM and the storage devices.

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Amberg Engineering AG has looked for a solution to archive inactive data. According to an internal data analysis approximately 80% of the data volume was inactive. A solution had to be found for off-loading the primary storage and for using it more efficiently. It was important for the company that inactive data was - even after the purging process - still in transparent access for the users. By PoINT Storage Manager a two-tiered HSM architecture could be implemented fulfilling all company requirements.

Case Study (Download)


  • Purging and archiving inactive data to secondary storage
  • Automated policy-based operations
  • Permanent transparent access to archived data via primary storage
  • Company internal requirements for archiving (Compliance)

Solution - PoINT Storage Manager

  • Policy-based archiving of inactive data from primary storage (EMC VNX 5300) to secondary storage (Crossroads StrongBox with a subsequent tape library)
  • “Stubbing” mechanism for transparent file access to archived data
  • Read access of archived data without re-storing via „Pass Through“
  • Automated re-storing in case of modification


  • More efficient usage of primary storage by purging inactive data to secondary storage
  • Time and cost savings by reduced backup-volume
  • Permanent access to inactive data via primary storage system (access by stubs)
  • Fulfillment of company internal compliance