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Case Study

Reisebank AG’s inactive data was taking up significant amounts of space on its high-performance primary storage systems. A rules-based archiving system was needed to reduce the load on network drives and improve backup times. The company therefore implemented the PoINT Storage Manager Enterprise Edition as its data and storage management product. It was particularly important to Reisebank that PoINT’s software would automatically move files to the secondary storage tier and support existing storage hardware in order to optimize its storage for maximum efficiency.

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Case Study ReiseBank AG

"We are especially relaxed about rising data volumes now. The PoINT Storage Manager has us well equipped for the future and we can counter the rising costs, too."

- Hans Hohenwarter, head of system operations at Reisebank AG

Case Study (Download)


  • Reduce the load on primary storage by transferring inactive data to secondary storage
  • Optimize infrastructure for cost-effective data and storage management and short backup times
  • Transparent access to files, processes remain the same for users

Solution - PoINT Storage Manager

  • Implement a two-tier storage architecture with the help of the PoINT Storage Manager
  • Rules-based archiving to the secondary storage tier
  • Reduce backup volumes
  • Long-term cost control thanks to future-proof storage infrastructure


  • Primary storage used exclusively for active data
  • Save time and money on backups
  • Flexible configuration, easy to expand as data volumes grow
  • Investments protected thanks to vendor-independent support for existing storage systems
  • Workflows remain the same for users