Town of Hof
Case Study

The graphic shows how the PoINT Storage Manager operates automated file tiering between the first and second storage tier.

Das Logo der Stadt Hof ist in blau, gelb und rot gehalten.

70 percent of the data held by the Bavarian town of Hof is more than two years old and, because it is no longer used by any employees, is classified as inactive. In order to Keep this data from taking up further primary storage space, the local authorities decided to transfer this “cold” data to a secondary system. To do so, they used the PoINT Storage Manager. This software product does its job by automatically distinguishing between active and inactive data, moving the latter type within a two-tier storage structure. As a result, the town is now using its available storage space more efficiently.

Case Study (Download)


  • No change to users’ workflows
  • “Cold” data automatically transferred
  • Lower costs thanks to reduced load on primary storage

Solution - PoINT Storage Manager

  • Read access without the need to restore
  • Automatic rules-based file tiering
  • Transparent access to relocated files and data from the primary storage system


  • Less data stored on the primary tier
  • Fast and easy installation and administration
  • Strong investment protection and optional add-ons