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Compliant archiving
for the healthcare sector

Archive and protect sensitive patient data

Die Archivierung medizinischer Daten können Krankenhäuser mit dem PSM gut umsetzen.

Electronic archiving of medical documents requires special care. At the same time, it poses major challenges for the IT departments of hospitals and healthcare facilities.


Medical doctors, laboratories and clinics thus face special challenges with regard to the archiving of medical data. A solid and optimized software solution for archiving medical documents is much needed. In this respect, the demands on archiving software for the healthcare sector are very high.

Electronic archiving in the healthcare sector: A solution approach

Institutions need a resilient and future-proof storage solution to guarantee compliance with legal requirements and to archive sensitive documents in a legally compliant and audit-proof manner.


The combination of hierarchical storage management, information lifecycle management and hybrid storage infrastructure creates an efficient and scalable archive platform. This type of platform meets the requirements of legally compliant archiving in the healthcare sector.

Software solutions for archiving patient data

Der PoINT Storage Manager führt File Archiving nach ILM durch.

Suitable storage and data management software manages the data according to the principle of information lifecycle management. According to previously defined policies, it automatically moves the data to the appropriate storage tier within the multi-tier storage architecture. At each storage tier, the technology that best meets the requirements of that tier is used.

To meet the challenges of audit-proof archiving in the healthcare sector, the corresponding software must fulfill certain criteria:


Legally compliant archiving of medical data with PoINT Storage Manager

"Medical data requires legally compliant archiving. Our software PoINT Storage Manager is designed for long and secure data storage and easily meets the necessary compliance requirements", says Gundolf Gremler, CTO at PoINT.

PoINT Storage Manager

The software PoINT Storage Manager works according to the principle of Information Lifecycle Management:


Thus, the conditions for an efficient and cost-optimized use of the storage infrastructure are created. Users remain flexible in their choice of storage technologies, because PoINT Storage Manager supports all common storage systems independent of technology and manufacturer.

For example, also the tape technology with offline media can be integrated:


At the same time, PoINT Storage Manager meets the high requirements for legally compliant archiving of patient data and medical documents:


Storage solution for Big Data in medicine: PoINT Archival Gateway

PoINT Archival Gateway

With rapidly growing data volumes, the topics of digitization and big data are also gaining importance in the areas of medical research and diagnostics. Data volumes then quickly reach the petabyte range – with constant requirements for audit-proof, long-term and secure storage.

PoINT Archival Gateway supports you in archiving large and continuously growing data volumes. PoINT Archival Gateway is a software-based object storage which receives the data via the standardized S3 interface and writes it directly to tape with high performance values.


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