Archiving Medical Data

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Hospitals like this has to archive patient data.

The long-term storage and protection of medical data has always presented a particular challenge. These days, however, there are also numerous other critical factors which make a solid, cost-optimized solution for archiving medical data more important than ever.

First, it is important to mention that the population is both rising and aging due to increasing life expectancy and a drop in birth rates. Data volumes are also rising, thanks to technological progress, compliance requirements for secure long-term storage and the associated retention requirements, as well as the desire for fast, straightforward networked access.

The key to a suitable solution is a multi-tier storage architecture which integrates seamlessly into a medical organization and ensures fast, reliable access to PACS images and patient data. Meanwhile, a combination of flash, hard drive, (private) cloud, tape and optical storage – combined with hierarchical storage management software which automatically transfers data as needed – provides the required cost-effective, scalable archiving platform. >>>

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