Long-term Storage for Research Data

Solutions for Research and Teaching

In laboratories like this data for eternity araises.

The fields of research and teaching frequently rely on large quantities of data collected over many years. This data offers unique opportunities for future scientific studies, often long after the experiments themselves are finished. This can be as a result of new theoretical discoveries, for example, or newly developed analytical techniques.

This data is often unique, which is to say that it cannot be replaced by data from newer experiments. In other words, if it is lost, it can never be restored. The costs of long-term storage for this type of data are therefore low compared with the costs of past research activity or the work required to repeat it. Nevertheless, the costs of storage cannot and should not be ignored.

For long-term storage of research data, an ideal solution is a multi-tier storage architecture which can be seamlessly incorporated into the research organization’s existing infrastructure and which ensures fast, reliable access. A suitably cost-effective archiving platform can also be realized by combining this with hierarchical storage management software and automated data transfer across a combined storage system consisting of flash, hard drive, (private) cloud, tape and optical storage. >>>

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