Efficient Storage and Archiving Platform

Cost-effective and Secure Solutions for Industry

The combination of human and robot generates data sets, which is why you should do storage optimization.

In all industries – such as the automotive industry, for example – cost pressures are extraordinarily high. This is why many businesses are currently looking for new ways to optimize their IT infrastructure so as to better equip themselves for the future in financial terms. With data volumes rising rapidly, storage is particularly under the spotlight. Here, the goal is to improve availability and performance while reducing costs at the same time.

Legal provisions mean that businesses are also required to retain specific documents. When it comes to customer or supplier contracts, they may even need to retain these for longer than is legally required. The German Product Liability Law (Produkthaftungsgesetz) often makes archiving mandatory, since in the event of damage, the manufacturer may be able to disclaim liability by producing relevant documentation. The lifespan of this information is determined by its retention period, which in turn governs any potential or mandatory disposal of this information.

The ideal solution here is a multi-tier storage architecture which ensures fast, reliable access and which integrates seamlessly into industrial firms’ existing infrastructure. A combination of flash, hard drive, (private) cloud, tape and optical storage, together with hierarchical storage management software which automatically transfers data as required, results in a cost-effective, scalable storage platform which also fulfils all archiving requirements thanks to integrated retention management and optional WORM functionality. >>>

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